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Choosing Life Partner: Is It Right For Parents To Choose For Their Children In Terms Of Future Partner?

I listened to a talk show on radio few days ago on this topic, “Is It Good For Parents To Choose Whom To Marry For Their Children?” Some of the … Continue reading

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Nurture Your Child’s Vision!

The Word of God says, “….your sons and daughters shall prophesy,…young men shall see visions” (Joel 2:28). When I see children with visions of doing something big for God, I … Continue reading

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If You Little Kid Ask: “What Is Sex?”

This is another case study on sexual education. Most parents think that there children are still small for this not knowing that these kids know a lot. Failure to educate … Continue reading

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Question People Asked: Is It Advisable To Enroll All Your Children In A School Or You Should Let Them Be In Different Schools?

People will give various opinions concerning this question based on what they have heard or experienced. Note that this is a case study so that it won’t look useless to … Continue reading

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Questions & Answers: Answers To Some Questions Pregnant Women Asked

I want to make this interactive for you by posting some frequently asked questions based on drug use during pregnancy using the comment space below. This is just to make … Continue reading

June 20, 2014 · 1 Comment

Healthy Living Tips For Pregnant Women: How Drugs Can Affect Your Baby During Pregnancy

Drug use not prescribed by your doctors during can affect both the foetus and the baby. Most drugs cross the placenta (the organ that provides nourishment to the foetus). Some … Continue reading

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Healthy Living Tips During Pregnancy: Do You Know That What You Eat Can Affect Your Baby?

I observed that the percentage of babies having health issues is rising instead of it to reduce. Then in the ancient days, our mothers are not having all these diseases … Continue reading

June 20, 2014 · 7 Comments

Happy Children’s Day!

Yesterday Was Children's Day Celebration, I Am Sorry For Not Posting This Yesterday Because Due To Some Personal Reasons. I am using this medium to wish the children a happy … Continue reading

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Channel Of Virtue Is One!

Channel Of Virtue Is One Today. What’s Your Opinion And Advice On The Improvement Concerning This Blog?

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Confess Positive Things Into The Life Of Your Children

You possess what you confess. What you confess into the life of your children is what you will find possessed in them. Calling your child a good name will improve … Continue reading

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If You Were Told To Save Only One, Who Will You Chose?

This is a common thing we do say or ask ourselves sometimes. Let us now give our view on this: If you were to save just only one person from … Continue reading

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Happy New Month To You All: A Month To March Forward Into Progress And Prosperity

It has been a while now that article is posted on this site. I am using this medium to wish you a happy new month. This month shall be the … Continue reading

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People’s Comments On: “My 6 Months Pregnant Wife Dealt With My Mum Brutally – What Should I Do?”

Some comments from the story source are: *Ur mum is @ fault, but as d man, try 2 calm ur wife so dat she can beg ur mum, and everytin … Continue reading

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My Pregnant Wife Dealt With My Mum Brutally – I Need Your Advice On What I Should Do?

Let us take a look at this issue in a family: “I left home happily this Morning for Office with everything in perfect shape only to come back home with … Continue reading

January 20, 2014 · 2 Comments

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