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Marriage And Secrecy: What Are The Effects Of Being Too Secretive In Marriage?

Marriage is known to be oneness as the Bible teaches. Marriage is between two people that love themselves and thus, they will have things in common, work together as a team to build a happy home, labour and reap together, plan and execute together, and raise children together. There should no secrets between them and … Continue reading

  • There are some things you need to know in order to build a happy home. This will help you to enrich your home and nourish your family life. There are 15 keys for happiness in marriage which I am going to share with you briefly. If you are not enjoying your marriage or everything looks frustrating, don't worry because after reading this, you will start to experience the happiness you need in your marriage by Gods grace as you take action. They are: 1. Submit to God's Words. 2. Learn the secret of caring. 3. Understand how to walk and work in unity and cooperation. 4. Have a vision for living. 5. Be ready to handle external challenges. 6. Be spiritually alert and be vigilant. 7. Learn how to handle painful experience and difficulties of life. 8. Be tolerance and patient. 9. Bear one another's burden. 10. Understand how to handle sex. 11. Take to correction instantly. 12. Watch your tongue. 13. Let your Bible be your manual. 14. Avoid criticism and nagging. 15. Love your spouse and children.
  • I listened to a talk show on radio few days ago on this topic, "Is It Good For Parents To Choose Whom To Marry For Their Children?" Some of the comments from the callers are: ~ parents should choose and have full knowledge of such spouse. ~ parents choose make a thorough research to help their children and their family. ~ parents should only assist them in prayer because it's not the parents that will live with them. **** If we take a look at it now based on what's happening in Nigeria, there are lots of divorce news daily. Why? Some young people go into early marriage without the basic knowledge of what marriage entails. They never know that those who rush into marriage without adequate preparation will leads to failure and they rush out. I pray that your marriage will be enjoyable and not endurable. Now back to my question, I am throwing it to you to give your own comments, advice or opinions on this for those having similar issues. Please share this with others.
  • The Word of God says, "....your sons and daughters shall prophesy,...young men shall see visions" (Joel 2:28). When I see children with visions of doing something big for God, I only count on their parents who can help them to nurture their dreams and visions. Parents, don't discourage your children from achieving what they ought to have achieved. Don't be the obstacle because of your own expectations. A child who wanted to be an engineer was forced and frustrated to become a doctor all because the parent want to be called doctor's father or mother. Their are some children being discouraged as a result of their parents choosing their careers for them. Let your children do what will make them live a happy and fulfilled life than making them doing what God has not destined them to do. Encourage them to seek God and get a vision for their future and when they get it, always pray for them. My dear reader, have you experienced such before? Or Are you having such challenges now? What is your opinion on this?
  • This is another case study on sexual education. Most parents think that there children are still small for this not knowing that these kids know a lot. Failure to educate your child will make him/her to learn it from the wrong source. You might think, "ehm! she's still small for that" Let me tell you, it's better to educate them by applying wisdom based on their age and level of understanding. Like I said here that you need to enlighten your children whereby they can trust you and confide in you. Now, back to my question, if your child asked you, "what is sex?" what would be your response?
  • People will give various opinions concerning this question based on what they have heard or experienced. Note that this is a case study so that it won't look useless to you. There are advantages and disadvantages of either enrolling your kids in the same school or different schools, but before you give your own opinions, let me chip in what some women said during an incident that happened in Lagos when fire outbreak at Ijegun Pipeline explosion when some students were involved in the loss. Based on this incident and some other ones which I cannot mention here, it was concluded that it is better to have your children enrolled in different school. Please Note that I am not using this to confuse or scare you but to convince you that it is better at times to have your children in different schools than being in the same school to minimize number of children loss in an accident relating to this which you will never experience it in Jesus Name. What's Your Opinion About This? Please Drop Your Comment.
  • I want to make this interactive for you by posting some frequently asked questions based on drug use during pregnancy using the comment space below. This is just to make it a community style and forum-friendly. If You Have Any Contributions Concerning Any Of The Articles Below, Please Feel Free To Reply. Thanks. Once Again, Welcome On Board!
  • Drug use not prescribed by your doctors during can affect both the foetus and the baby. Most drugs cross the placenta (the organ that provides nourishment to the foetus). Some can cause direct toxic (poisonous) effects and drug dependency in the foetus. After birth, some drugs can be passed to the baby through breast-feeding. Drugs can cause problems throughout your pregnancy. For example, the early part of pregnancy is the most critical for the health of a foetus. This is when the main body systems are forming. Using drugs during this time can cause severe damage. Drugs can have harmful effects on the foetus at any time during the pregnancy, their nature after birth. Some Of The Effects Also Include: *Poor appetite. *Trouble sleeping at night. *Early (premature) labour. *Hard to make decisions or plans. *More chances of infections. *Water breaks too early. *Unable to cope with normal changes during pregnancy. *Sudden bleeding. Reference: http://www.drugrehab.co.uk/narconon_uk.htm#NARCONON_world_wide
  • I observed that the percentage of babies having health issues is rising instead of it to reduce. Then in the ancient days, our mothers are not having all these diseases that are occurring now. Are we now saying we are in civilized world and use our lifestyles to affect the coming generations. Why? It disturbs me a lot seeing babies being exposed to X-Ray radiation in order to diagnose him or her. Whose fault is it? The baby or the mother? Let's say the reality, it's the mother's fault. Yes! I know you will either agree or disagree. Today, I am going to emphasize more on why mothers need to be cautious of themselves during pregnancy. You Might Ask, "What factors can affect my baby during pregnancy?" The following are some of the factors to consider which can affect your baby during pregnancy and after birth which you must take note of: 1. Do Not Take Drugs Anyhow. 2. Be Watchful Of What You Eat And Drink. 3. Exercise Yourself But Not too stressful. ***[....to be continued in the next post]
  • Yesterday Was Children's Day Celebration, I Am Sorry For Not Posting This Yesterday Because Due To Some Personal Reasons. I am using this medium to wish the children a happy celebration. Before I leave, let me share this prayer with every couple seeking for the fruits of the womb that by the power in the name of Jesus, This Time Next Year, Your Children Will Be Among Those To Celebrate The Children's Day (I Know That They Will Still Be A Year Old Or Less). May God Almighty Open Your Shut Womb And Grant You Your First Issue In The Next Nine Month. Amen! Watch Out For "Excellent Exploit With God"
  • Channel Of Virtue Is One Today. What's Your Opinion And Advice On The Improvement Concerning This Blog?
  • You possess what you confess. What you confess into the life of your children is what you will find possessed in them. Calling your child a good name will improve his/her ability to think better based on the great and positive things that you have said into his/her life. It will bring about inner motivation even at the time when they are depression and challenges. In addition, you shall reap this when you are facing challenges because it is your child that will be the one to inspire you and motivate you just as you have done to them. They will make you happy in returns because you have sown positive words into their lives. Negative Confession can cause ruins and damage into the life of a child. Your words are powerful in the lives of your children. Whatever you tell them sticks into their memory which can never be forgotten. It will either be used for you positively or negatively in the nearest future. What's Your Own Contribution To This?
  • This is a common thing we do say or ask ourselves sometimes. Let us now give our view on this: If you were to save just only one person from a dangerous event like fire outbreak or any other accidents you could think of, who is the only person that you will save? Is It Your Child Or Your Husband? - For Females To Answer. Is It Your Child Or Wife? - For Males To Answer. Please Be Sincere With Your Responses Below. Thanks!
  • It has been a while now that article is posted on this site. I am using this medium to wish you a happy new month. This month shall be the month of progress, prosperity and pronounced success. This Month shall be better than the previous months. Amen! Amen!!
  • Some comments from the story source are: *Ur mum is @ fault, but as d man, try 2 calm ur wife so dat she can beg ur mum, and everytin b resolved#peace. *Mmm..Apologis to ur mum no mata wat, she is still ur mum. *Ur mum is at fault, jus do sorry to ur wife nd ask ur wife 2 say apologise 2 ur mum 4 peace 2 reign in ur family cos u cant snd ur wife away cos of ur mum’s fault. *No matter how is it, you have to beg your mummy,and tell your wife to forget about the matter, just settle the problem. *U mum is at fault but u as a man try 2 convince ur wife 2 apologies 2 ur mum and as well try and make sure peace returns 2 ur home.ur mother feel more pains when something happens to u than ur wife.believe me or decline it.nevertheless both of them are important. *Your mum cannot and can neva dictate 4 u.u re a man,a grown up man.ur mum is at fault,she is a woman like ur wife,she was once pregnant,ur mum should put herself in ur wife’s shoe cos wot ur mum did was really bad of her as a mother.
  • Let us take a look at this issue in a family: "I left home happily this Morning for Office with everything in perfect shape only to come back home with my Mum Face Swollen seriously and Red... I met my Wife lying down on the Floor helplessly... I was confused, and finally called a Friend who Carried my Wife while I carried my Mum to the Hospital. After 3 days when they’re both very much Fine, I tried to figure what happened between them only to Find out they engaged in a battle because My Wife was watching a Soap Opera when my Mum came into the Parlour and summon her to change the channel to a movie. She said she gave her a polite excuse that the Soap Opera will end in 5 Minutes time but Instead my Mum landed her a dirty slap and drag her off the Chair she was sitting on, then she was stepping on her on the floor before she bounced back on her. She Said I Should Send my wife away or else...(raining curses). What can I do?" This is just a summary of the story Source: http://www.naijaloaded.com.ng/2014/01/20/
  • Don't underestimate the importance of good manners. Your children will grow up to be more considerate of others if you teach them how to be that way when they are young. You can do that by setting a good example. You must always say "please" and "thank you" to your kids. Even when you are saying, "Please get me a napkin," or "Thank you for helping me." And don't forget good table manners. When it comes to proper behavior, caution your children in order to avoid embarrassment in public. Teach your kids what you think is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Make sure that you are consistent about the rules. Some general table manners include no gross jokes, no throwing food, no leaning back while sitting in the chairs, no talking with food in your mouth and definitely no loud belching or passing wind. Yes, in some cultures belching after a meal is acceptable but try not to irritate others. I believe these tips would help you to enable you children have good table manner. Thus, You can contribute as well.
  • Yelling is the worst way to communicate. Here is a guarantee: When you yell at your kids, they are not listening to a thing that you are saying. All they are doing is sitting there teary-eyed and upset because you are yelling or they are getting angry themselves. Your point is lost, they are upset, and you are upset.Nothing has been accomplished. When you yell, your message doesn't get across. So whenever you reach the point where you are about to yell at someone, stop and leave the room. Just for a second, mind you. Take a few deep breaths, get your composure back, and approach the situation again. Your job is to communicate your ideas to your children in a calm manner. Yelling shows your kids that you have lost control of yourself. You are trying to be a role model and teacher. Yelling is no t a trait that you want to pass on to your kids. In fact, it comes back to haunt you as your kids grow older and their hormones get all stirred up. After all, when you yell, you are only teaching them to yell.
  • As adults, parents sometimes are brave enough to say, "What exactly does that mean?" They do this hoping they don't sound too much. Kids, on the other hand, will smile at you, and nod, or better yet, stare at you with blank looks on their faces. Here are some real-life comparisons of interpretations from your mouth to your child's ears. *.What you say:"John, you need to be responsible and put your dirty clothes in the clothes hamper every night." What he hears:"Jordan, you are too dirty put your dirty clothes in the clothes hanger every night." *.What you say:"Don't be sarcastic to your sister." What he hears:"Don't be sack and stick to your sister." Talk to your kids by using words that they understand. Getting your point across is easier when your kids know what you are talking about. If you don't think they understand, ask them to explain what you've just said. That is how you know that you are getting your message across.
  • When you really want your kids to hear you when you talk, physically get down to their level. If you can't squat, pick them up and put them on your lap. Look them right in the eyes, speak calmly and slowly, and say what you have to say. Don't be vague or babble and don't try to impress your children with your fabulous expanded vocabulary. Encourage your children to look you in the eye. Kids can be standing right in front of you and have a bobbly head. They're not paying attention. You certainly don't need to get down to your children's level to say, "Good morning," or "Are you hungry?" Save this kind of action for serious conversations such as, "Now, Simon, what did you do with Mommy's keys?" or, "Do you understand why you got into trouble for hitting your brother over the head with the bat?" But don't forget that the most important part of communicating is being a good listener. Communication can't work both ways when you're doing all the talking and none of the listening.
  • Good communication skills are the foundation for building a great relationship with your kids. However, so many different elements get thrown in the way that listening and communicating aren't always easy or effective. Here are some techniques that you can use to improve communication with your kids. It doesn't necessarily mean they'll mind you or agree with what you're saying, which is okay, but at least they'll hear what you're saying. Talking vs. being heard Mother:"I've informed you a googolplex times to abstain from vexing your sibling." Child:"Huh, Mom?" When you talk to your kids, you must keep a few things in mind. If you have something to say, and you want to be heard, do the following: *.Get down to your children's level. *.Use simple words. *.Get to the point. *.Don't yell. Source: dummies.com
  • I am very sorry for not posting on this site since due to some personal reasons. Hope my apology is accepted? Alright, I am so happy that you are all alive to the glory of God Almighty. May this year be your year ofsuccess, promotion and elevation for you and your family. Now back to my question, "What Is Your Plan For Your Family In This Year?" This is what I want you to answer below.
  • My Dear READERS, whether you are old or young, I will like you to state your plans through your reply below. Moreover, as you mention those plans here, so shall it be as GOD will help you fulfill them according to HIS plans for you. In addition, to the plans or goals to be stated here, I have a short message for you. To fulfill your plans, remember that you have to: Be Active or Actionable to carry them out as stated. Bring out the Best in you to fulfill them all. Care about others and be Careful not to oppress others when operating. Be Determined and be Deligent in your work. Be expressive to so that GOD can provide provision for your vision through your expressions. Focus and learn from your failure to move forward. Give what worths giving so that you can also be given unto. Honour those whom honour is due so that they don't obstruct you on the way. Be Intelligent and show Integrity because you need it. Just keep trying and you will succeed one day. ......to be continued....
  • Season's Greetings To You All! From my readers,guests or visitors to my followers, I wish you all: Complement Of The Season. Glory be to God. If it has not been you who spend time to read what I published over five months now, there won't be any traffic nor visits even to talk of followers. Despite that the articles are short and brief, you are still there to encourage me. I really appreciate you all for your readership and comments. May GOD also be with you all. Today, Christmas, is what we have been waiting for to celebrate with our families. Therefore, as we celebrate the birth of JESUS CHRIST today, may all those seeking for the fruits of the womb celebrate within the next nine month for their own new-born babies that they desired. If you believed that can I hear your response with a louder "AMEN!!!" Once again, merry christmas and also have a wonderful happy new year (in advance).
  • Christmas period is a time your children are expecting something great and wonderful from you as parents. Most of them are writing their first-term examination this month. You can use this opportunity to boost their performance in school to the extent. You will surprised by the time you see their reports. Do you know that with just your words of encouragement and promise made during this season can do a lot in the academic life of your children? I will mention just two as I have stated earlier in the title: PROMISE and ENCOURAGEMENT. » PROMISE: Promising your children special gifts will help them to put more efforts and work harder in order to make you happy in fulfilling your promises. For instance, a boy asked his father,"Daddy, I need a new pair of shoes." "Buying you a new pair of shoe is not a problem. If you can bring a good result, then you will have more than what you asked," he replied. » ENCOURAGEMENT: encouraging your children will boost their confidence and they will believe in themselves.
  • I am using this medium to wish all the readers of "Channel Of Virtue" a Happy new month. I am thanking GOD that we all witness this month being the last month of this year. Therefore, we all have reasons to praise and thank the LORD our GOD who has kept us alive from the beginning of this year till this moment. All GLORY belong to the ALMIGHTY GOD.
  • Sex is what most parents refused to teach and enlighten their children about. Moreover, before I continue, let me ask you these questions: Did your children ever know about sex? Did you inform your children on what they need to know concerning sex? Are they finding the right information from you or from an outsider? When your children wanted to ask any related questions did you ignored them or reply in a wise way? Are you giving your female children wrong information that if a guy touched them they would be pregnant? Are they free to share some of their feelings with you? Are you intimidating them that if you see any opposite sex with them they are in trouble? Dear Readers, what is your response to these questions? Please let discuss these by commenting below.
  • Encouraging a child enhance their skills and abilities. It helps them to put more efforts in doing their best all the time. But instead of encouragement, some parents discourage their children and they never know that these can affect their children. For example, let take a look at these reactions of parents of a child that score 40% in an examination: Common Discouraging Words: "You score 40% where your mates are scoring 90%. We are just wasting our money on you, useless child". "You score 40% and you are happy? You are not even ashame? When I was at your age, I scored at least 80%, you better find something else to do!" Words Of Encouragement: "My child, you really tried but you need to put more efforts and do better next time. I will get you a private tutor that will help you". "Oh God! You score 40%. Well, I know you can do better because there are some who score less than you. I want you to reduce your play and stop watching movies." Now to you parents, give your children the encourage they need.
  • There are lots of different movies being produced everytime. Some of these movies are not suitable for children to watch, while some children are so stubborn that they find a means of watching such movies. As a parent, you need to guide your child and help him/her in finding and selecting suitable movie to watch. Therefore, I am going to share with you few tips on how you and your children can enjoy your time in watching suitable movies that will benefit the family. » Inform and enlighten your child on film indications at the film cover such as: "G" suitable for the general audience. "P" that required parental guidance. "18" suitable for those from 18years of age and above. "12" suitable for those from 12years and above. » Listen to the critics of such movie and get a review of it from those who have watched it in order to know whether to watch the movie or not. Some films have attracting title but attacking (i.e. affecting the children). Therefore, guide your children in film selecting the best.
  • It was a Friday afternoon when this little girl got home. After eating, the child brought out her books and went to her mother to assist her in doing the assignments. DAUGHTER: Mummy, this is my assignment. MOTHER: Common leave me alone! Can't you wait till tomorrow or are going to school on Saturday? DAUGHTER: Mummy... Now! (started crying) MOTHER: I just got back from market, and I want to rest. Go and keep it since today is Friday. ## A Neighbour passing-by interrupts ## NEIGHBOUR: Madam, answer her. Give her what she wants. MOTHER: Don't mind her.... She doesn't hear word. I have told her that I will do it tomorrow and she is still disturbing me. Is she the only one? ##As the girl keep crying, the mother use a cain to send her inside.### Now to you My Dear Readers, is it the child that is faulty or the mother? What can you say about this issue? Please share your own opinions on this issue. Thanks
  • This site, channelofvirtue.wordpress.com is nominated in the 2013 Nigerian blog awards in the best family and parenting blog category as published on the 2013 Nigerian blog awards website on November 4th. Therefore, the voting has begin today November 11th and it will last for just four weeks. Your VOTES is needed to win this award. This is what you are required to do for you to VOTE: Visit www.nigerianblogawards.com/vote2013.php ENTER your *NAME and your *EMAIL address for validation. Then SCROLL DOWN to see the nominees to vote for. Scroll down to the FAMILY/PARENTING Category, and SELECT "CHANNEL OF VIRTUE". Scroll down and click on SUBMIT. PLEASE NOTE: You are going to recieve a validation email from Nigerianblogawards@gmail.com to ensure the counting of your vote. PLEASE CONFIRM THE LINK SENT. That's all. THANKS.
  • What can you do to enhance safety online? Well, let me suggest these and you share your own ideas also. Some children spend the whole of their time online than the time spent on their studies. I suggest that you need to: * Decide when your child can use the internet. * State the length of time they can be online. * Inform them on the type of sites to visit and those they should not. * Discuss your guidelines with them and make sure they understand them. * Spell out correctly what the consequences will be if your rules regarding the internet is broken. Then enforce those rules. * Monitor your children's use of the internet, and let them know that you will be doing so. This is not an invasion of privacy. Therefore, the values you teach and the example you set will go much further in protecting your children. You are a channel to enhance the virtues in them. So take time to discuss what happen on the internet with your children.
  • When you are talking of the internet, some children know more than their parents. If care is not taken, your child will get exposed to wrong things online. Let us consider some of the online activities that children are attracted to and their potential dangers. » EMAILS: Emails are written messages sent online. One of the dangers is that some spam messages may have a link to unsolicited sites with adult contents, gambling, etc. » WEBSITES: Millions of sites exist to provide information for everyone but some are not for your children to visit due to their contents. Some websites feature explicit sex, immoralites and other dangerous acts. » ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKS: The social networking sites enhance people to express their identity, chat and meet new friends. Personal information posted on social network sites can be exploited by fraudsters and sexual predators. Some even give their private information to strangers via this. Why? As parents, what can you do to protect your children from online dangers?
  • To you my dear readers, followers and everyone who spend their time reading articles on this site, and most especially the Almighty God who has been my source of inspiration to create Channel Of Virtue, I say a big thank you for making Channel Of Virtue to be among the top 5 nominees in the best family and parenting blog category for the 2013 Nigerian blog awards. You can check the lists on 2013 Nigerian Blog Awards Nominees Voting will start on Monday, November 11th. Please VOTE "CHANNEL OF VIRTUE" As The Best in the Family/Parenting blog category. ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU!!! ::Bodjetstar::
  • Is Your Child Online? Millions of young people are online, whether at home, at school or anywhere- if they have internet access on their mobile device. What are they doing? Do you need to feel concern? YES! You need to help in keeping your child safe on the internet. In this series of articles, you will get some helpful hints on this topic which introduced today. Also we will take a look at some of the dangers your child may encounter online. What you should know and do as parents. STAY TUNED! WATCH OUT!!!
  • Concerning the security tips discussed earlier, I am going to mention some security tips which is a must for every parent to know and teach their children. These tips are as follow: 1. Teach your children never to admit strangers into the home. 2. Teach your children local emergency phone numbers (e.g. Lagos-112 and 767) 3. Get to know all the friends your children have. 4. Caution teenagers about "blind dates" or meeting anyone they do not know. 5. Teach younger members of your family not to open mails or packages. 6. Teach young children how to answer the telephone so that they do not give out personal information, such as good address, absence of adults, etc. 7. Teach children how to say "NO" to strangers. 8. Teach children how to exit the house in case of emergency. In addition, other security tips for the family include these: » Always sensitize members of your family on security tips gained through security awareness. » Keep dangerous objects away from children. Could you please give more?
  • As I was flipping through an old newspaper that a woman wanted to use to sell 'akara' (bean-cake), I got to a page where I got some vital information on security tips compiled by the Lagos State Police Command and the State Security Service (SSS) under the instrumentality of the Lagos State Security Council for the benefit of the general public. (N:B:- I might not publish all at once but I will try to make each security tip as headlines title in a new post) The followings security tips are what to be published soon: 1. HOME & RESIDENTIAL SECURITY. 2. HOME SECURITY WHILE YOU ARE AWAY. 3. HOME SECURITY TIPS WHILE YOU ARE AWAY. 4. FAMILY SECURITY TIPS. 5. SECURITY TIPS FOR CHILDREN. 6. OFFICE SECURITY TIPS. 7. TRAVELLING SECURITY TIPS. 8. KIDNAPPING SECURITY TIPS. 9. ROAD SAFETY TIPS (ROAD TRAFFIC LAW). 10. SECURITY TIPS IN HOTELS. I will also reblog it on my other blog for young people on THE GREAT VALUE: www.thegreatvalue.wordpress.com REFERENCE: THE NATION NEWSPAPER. (Monday, October 15, 2012)
  • Most children today prefer seeking for an advice from an outsider than meeting their parents. Even 70% of youths meet external sources for an advice because their parents have no time for them. These are some of the reasons why some children are misled due to wrong advice given. Therefore, some of the major reasons why children seek advice from external sources are: 1. THEIR PARENTS ARE TOO BUSY: The parents have no time for their children. They leave home for work early morning at come back home when the children are asleep. 2. OVER RELIGIOUS PARENTS: Some parents are too religious that they never listen to what their children say and insist on their own beliefs. They will give unnecessary rules that will make their children feel somehow. 3. PARENTS THAT OVER PROTECT: There are some parents that like to over protect their children to the extent that the children look like a prisoner. 4. PARENTS TOO HARSH: Some parents are too harsh to the extent that their children find it difficult to meet them.
  • According to what you've observed in various family issues, who will you choose? Is it the husband or the wife that is always loyal? Please reply via comments below with your own opinions. Thanks
  • Very soon, we'll be wishing one another,"HAPPY NEW MONTH" That's why I asked, "What's your achievement so far?" I want you to know that you can still make it even if you've not achieved your goals. Don't wait for a perfect timing because you might not achieve anything until you start now with what you have and where you are. You need to have specific goals and have a plan that will make you to achieve them. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Therefore, it's not too late for you to start now. I believe that little by little you will get to your destiny. A little spark of light cause explosion e.g. a tank of fuel. Don't be discouraged but be of good courage. You can do it better than you imagined if you are thinking that it's impossible. Hope you find this short piece of advice interesting? I will like to know your views and opinions concerning this. please leave your comments below so that others can also benefit from your comments. Thanks and happy new month in advance.
  • Do you have a true friend? I want you to know that, those you choose or call best friends have someone else they choose as best friend apart from you. So take note as i am going to share some quotes that will help you to know a true friend. This will help you build a last longer friendship: » A true friend accepts you as you are and believes in you. » A true friend doesn't give up with you but stays with you in times of problems and admire all sides of your personality. » A true friend forgives and forget your mistakes or wrong deeds. » A true friend helps you and encourage you to try again when you fail. » A true friend makes a difference in your life with positive impacts and says nice things about you. » A true friend offers support and always understand you than others. Dear friend, who is a friend to you? I mean what are the qualities you are expecting from the person you choose as friend? Please let's share this.....
  • This is a channel to wish all born in the month of JUNE a happy birthday.
  • Glory be unto God almighty for bringing COV blog back to live. I am very sorry for not updating this site since but i will say thank you for staying tune and not abandoning us.
  • You may be thinking that God has not answered nor bless you with what you want. But I want you to know that no matter the situations, problems or challenges that you are either facing or passing through, you need to give thanks to God. You have reasons to thank Him because the Bible says, "In everything give thanks." Therefore, I am going to share with you some reasons why you need to give thanks to God. 1. You woke up this morning peacefully without your house being burnt overnight nor collapse before the daybreak. 2. You can stand on your feet to walk without being on wheel-chair. 3. You open your eyes and see without being blind overnight. 4. You are also the one that go to the bathroom yourself without being carried there because of one disease or sickness. 5. You can think accurately without being crazy nor mad and you are mentally alright. Now tell me your excuses that will make you not to thank the Almighty God your Creator. PLEASE START THANKING HIM AND DON'T BE AN INGRATE.
  • Don't be embarrased with this question saying, "Have you given thanks to God today?" I am going to give you some instances to show that you need to give Him thanks. Your hands and legs can move and function better without you being amputated. Your mouth and ears are functioning properly without being deaf and dumb. You did not see evil with your eyes nor hear bad news. You do what you feel like doing freely without being in the prison. You can eat and it digested without any surgical operations for any internal disorders. You can breathe without using oxygen gas as a means of respiration. You carried out all work activities of the day without any accidents happening to you. My dear friend, you can now see that you need to give thanks to GOD everytime. What has GOD done for you that you will like to share with us below as comment? PLEASE LET'S GIVE HIM THANKS.
  • My dear friend that you are at this moment, this is going to be a moment of divine encounter that will change your life for good. I will like to share some prayers with you from Joel 2:8 (KJV). ".....they shall walk everyone in his path; and when they fall upon the sword, they shall not be wounded." May God help you in the right paths in Jesus name. No matter the challenges or situations you are passing through, you will never fail. May God see you through in jesus name. Wherever you have fallen you shall not be wounded in jesus name. You will arise and do great things you have not done before in Jesus name. May Almighty God heals you from every wounds you have in jesus name. If you know and believed will answers your prayer, please reply "AMEN"in the comment box below. THANKS..
  • Iwill like to ask you today that,'Have you pray to God today?' If you believed that GOD is your father, please call upon HIM. The devil smiles when you make plans and laughs when we get too busy. But if trembles when you pray. You don't need to worry about anything. All you need to do is to pray about everything. Tell God your needs and always remember to thank Him for his answers. Prayer is means by which you communicate with God. Try to always put God first in anything you do and HE will help you. Some people would have done something without asking God for help and direction until when they see that it went wrong that they will now remember God for help. I want you to know that the time you spend communicating with GOD is not a waste. Therefore, begin the day with God and everything will works for your good. God is waiting to hear from you. May God hears you in time of your needs and sends you help in Jesus name. IF YOU BELIEVED CAN YOU REPLY AMEN!!!
  • One of the quotes of Zig-Ziglar says, "You'll always have everything you want in life if you'll help enough other people get what they want." This true because I observed as a student that, to know more about a topic, teching someone else will help you to understand more and more. It means you teach to learn. The more you care about others, the more GOD cares about you. Therefore, share with others and make them happy and successful. May God send you Divine helpers that will lift you up in life and take you to greater places in life. I wish you best of luck. Thanks and god bless.
  • Channel Of Virtue (COV) is created today 8th of february,2013 dedicated to the Glory of Almighty God for His excellent virtue Who is our Channel of Virtue, excellence, wisdom, blessing and so on. As this site is launched today, it is a combination of my two other sites (bodjetstarsoulchannel and naijavirtue). They are moved in order to maximized this site and focus in one place to give a quality content as channel of virtue to all readers. Once again, thanks for spending your time on this wonderful and unique devotional site. This is a site where you will find inspirational and motivational words of exhortation that will change and transform your life positively. To your success, ADEDIYA OLABODE BODJETSTAR Founding-owner/Publisher/Editor: www.channelofvirtue.wordpress.com AND www.thegreatvalue.wordpress.com

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