Welcome To Channel Of Virtue: The Online Family and Parenting Magazine for Nigerians and Africans 

Channel Of Virtue (COV) is created today 8th of february,2013 dedicated to the Glory of Almighty God for His excellent virtue Who is our Channel of Virtue, excellence, wisdom, blessing and so on.

As this site is launched today, it is focused on inspiring parents and couples to enhance the Godly virtues in them because they are the channel in which their children tune to at home. Children observe their parents and learn from them. Making your home a channel of blessing to your children and spouse will bring about great influence to the society as your family will be known for such virtue portrayed. 

Though this site looks like a blog or hosted on blogging platform, but one thing is every publication will be shown as blog post. 

This site will focus on: 

  • Home and Family Life 
  • Informative Guide on Parenting 
  • Marriage and Relationship among Couples 
  • Life Issues and Challenges 
  • Personal Development and Self Improvement 
  • Inspiration and Spiritual Life 
  • And many more features…….

Therefore, Channel of Virtue is targeting audience from Nigeria majorly and other African Countries. This is due to the fact that I will be discussing from this perspective (from African angles) as we promote Nigerian & African cultures also. Readers from other continents are also welcome. 

I am stating this so as to give you my aims and specific focus.

I will like you to stay connected by subscribing.


Once again, thanks for spending your time on this wonderful and unique site.

You are Welcome to the Nigeria’s No.1 Family and Parenting Online Magazine.

This is a site for every family to find inspirational and motivational words of exhortation that will change and transform their lives positively.

To your success,

Adediya Olabode Bodjetstar 



About Bodjetstar

Adediya, Olabode 'Bodjetstar' is the Founder of CHANNEL OF VIRTUE, a family and parenting blog created to raise and nurture Godly families. Subscribe to receive updates.


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