Who is GOD to you?

This is a simple question which i will like everyone to answer in the space provided for comments below.
But before you do that let me give you some clues of who my god who created me is:

HE is the Alpha and Omega,
the Lion of Judah,
the Greatest Teacher of all teachers,
the Unchangeable changer,
the Master of all masters,
the Beneficient,
the Merciful and Most Holy,
the Source of peace,
the Overseer of all general overseers,
the Superior and Mighty,
the Greatest artist and Author,
the Supreme and Most honoured,
the Wisest who is better than the best,
the One who hears and sees all,
the Just and Kind,
the Most High and the Most Holy,
the Guardian and Generous Father,
the Monitor of all creatures,
the Most Loving, Truthful, Gracious and Glorious One,
the Giver of life.

Dear readers, I want you to also join me in appreciating GOD by calling him your own wonderful names in the comment box below.


About Bodjetstar

I am Adediya Olabode Bodjetstar. Founder & Editor, CHANNEL OF VIRTUE, and the host of THE GREAT VALUE SHOW



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