Security Tips For The Entire Family

Concerning the security tips discussed earlier, I am going to mention some security tips which is a must for every parent to know and teach their children. These tips are as follow:

1. Teach your children never to admit strangers into the home.

2. Teach your children local emergency phone numbers (e.g. Lagos-112 and 767)

3. Get to know all the friends your children have.

4. Caution teenagers about “blind dates” or meeting anyone they do not know.

5. Teach younger members of your family not to open mails or packages.

6. Teach young children how to answer the telephone so that they do not give out personal information, such as good address, absence of adults, etc.

7. Teach children how to say “NO” to strangers.

8. Teach children how to exit the house in case of emergency.

In addition, other security tips for the family include these:

» Always sensitize members of your family on security tips gained through security awareness.
» Keep dangerous objects away from children.

Could you please give more?


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