What Parents Can Do To Help Their Children Online

What can you do to enhance safety online?
Well, let me suggest these and you share your own ideas also.
Some children spend the whole of their time online than the time spent on their studies. I suggest that you need to:

* Decide when your child can use the internet.

* State the length of time they can be online.

* Inform them on the type of sites to visit and those they should not.

* Discuss your guidelines with them and make sure they understand them.

* Spell out correctly what the consequences will be if your rules regarding the internet is broken. Then enforce those rules.

* Monitor your children’s use of the internet, and let them know that you will be doing so. This is not an invasion of privacy.

Therefore, the values you teach and the example you set will go much further in protecting your children. You are a channel to enhance the virtues in them.
So take time to discuss what happen on the internet with your children.


About Bodjetstar

I am ADEDIYA Olabode Bodjetstar. Founder & Editor of CHANNEL OF VIRTUE, and the host of THE GREAT VALUE SHOW


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