Are You Encouraging Your Child Or Not?

This Post is originally published November 26, 2013.

Updated June 5, 2018

Encouraging a child enhance their skills and abilities. It helps them to put more efforts in doing their best all the time.
But instead of encouragement, some parents discourage their children and they never know that these can affect their children.

For example, let take a look at these reactions of parents of a child that score 40% in an examination:

Common Discouraging Words:

“You score 40% where your mates are scoring 90%. We are just wasting our money on you, useless child”.

“You score 40% and you are happy? You are not even ashame? When I was at your age, I scored at least 80%, you better find something else to do!”

Words Of Encouragement:

“My child, you really tried but you need to put more efforts and do better next time. I will get you a private tutor that will help you”.

“Oh God! You score 40%. Well, I know you can do better because there are some who score less than you. I want you to reduce your play and stop watching movies.”

You need to be positive towards your children. Being positive with your children makes them think right.

Uttering abusive words will not only discourage your children, but it will affect their future because it keeps ringing in their mind.

What you need to know

  1. You have to watch your words. Don’t utter any negative words.
  2. Apply positive discipline techniques than using the negative ones.
  3. Understand them and nurture them in a Godly way.
  4. Don’t neglect them thinking that nothing concerns you.
  5. Remember that they are your investments. Raise them well.

Give your children the encouragement they need today and you will never regret it.


About Bodjetstar

I am Adediya Olabode D. aka Bodjetstar, Founder/Editor of CHANNEL OF VIRTUE, a family and parenting blog created to raise and nurture Godly homes.



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