Should I Tell Him That I Don’t Deserve It » Please I Need Your Advice

Dear Channel Of Virtue Readers,

My fiancé loves me so much that he is always proud of me. He thought that I am loyal to him and trustworthy since we’ve met which I never deserve due to a what I have done in the past.

One thing that disturbs me always is that, I have had an intercourse mistakenly some years ago before I met him.

Now that we are engaged, he never knows this secret.

Moreover, he is still proud of me and trust me.

Please I need your advice on this:
Should I let him know what I have done in the past or not because my conscience always tell me that I don’t deserve the trust. I am afraid of telling him.


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3 thoughts on “Should I Tell Him That I Don’t Deserve It » Please I Need Your Advice

  1. You might be thinking now that if i tell my fiance about my past, He will leave me but I dare say to you that, being in a relationship as a christian in the first place requires you to be with someone committed to the word of God both in and out of the house of God and one thing he must have learnt is that as a christian our past is not important, its not even a factor in anything we are today, even our salvation depicts that, soo pls do good to tell him about it and remember that your marriage to him is not because of how good u’ve been to him but how good God has made you to be to him, its more about the future than your past. I hope you get my advice


    Posted by tenderonii | December 17, 2013, 4:45 pm

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