Promising & Encouraging Your Children In This Season: Do You Know That Your Children Can Perform Better?

Christmas period is a time your children are expecting something great and wonderful from you as parents.
Most of them are writing their first-term examination this month. You can use this opportunity to boost their performance in school to the extent. You will surprised by the time you see their reports.

Do you know that with just your words of encouragement and promise made during this season can do a lot in the academic life of your children?

I will mention just two as I have stated earlier in the title: PROMISE and ENCOURAGEMENT.

» PROMISE: Promising your children special gifts will help them to put more efforts and work harder in order to make you happy in fulfilling your promises.
For instance, a boy asked his father,”Daddy, I need a new pair of shoes.”
“Buying you a new pair of shoe is not a problem. If you can bring a good result, then you will have more than what you asked,” he replied.

» ENCOURAGEMENT: encouraging your children will boost their confidence and they will believe in themselves.


About Bodjetstar

I am Adediya Olabode "Bodjetstar" the Founder of Channel of Virtue, Nigeria's No. 1 Online Family and Parenting Magazine dedicated to raise and nurture Godly families. Also, I am the host of The Great Value Show dedicated to add values to lives. Join me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @Bodjetstar


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