Best Ways To Get Your Children Listen To You #3: Use Simple Words

As adults, parents sometimes are brave enough to say, "What exactly does that mean?" They do this hoping they don't sound too much. Kids, on the other hand, will smile at you, and nod, or better yet, stare at you with blank looks on their faces.
Here are some real-life comparisons of interpretations from your mouth to your child's ears.
*.What you say:"John, you need to be responsible and put your dirty clothes in the clothes hamper every night."
What he hears:"Jordan, you are too dirty put your dirty clothes in the clothes hanger every night."

*.What you say:"Don't be sarcastic to your sister."
What he hears:"Don't be sack and stick to your sister."

Talk to your kids by using words that they understand. Getting your point across is easier when your kids know what you are talking about. If you don't think they understand, ask them to explain what you've just said. That is how you know that you are getting your message across.


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Adediya, Olabode 'Bodjetstar' is the Founder of CHANNEL OF VIRTUE, a family and parenting blog created to raise and nurture Godly families. Subscribe to receive updates.


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