Best Ways To Get Your Children Listen To You #4: Do Not Yell

Yelling is the worst way to communicate.
Here is a guarantee: When you yell at your kids, they are not listening to a thing that you are saying. All they are doing is sitting there teary-eyed and upset because you are yelling or they are getting angry themselves. Your point is lost, they are upset, and you are upset.Nothing has been accomplished.
When you yell, your message doesn't get across. So whenever you reach the point where you are about to yell at someone, stop and leave the room. Just for a second, mind you. Take a few deep breaths, get your composure back, and approach the situation again.
Your job is to communicate your ideas to your children in a calm manner. Yelling shows your kids that you have lost control of yourself.
You are trying to be a role model and teacher. Yelling is no t a trait that you want to pass on to your kids.
In fact, it comes back to haunt you as your kids grow older and their hormones get all stirred up.
After all, when you yell, you are only teaching them to yell.


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2 thoughts on “Best Ways To Get Your Children Listen To You #4: Do Not Yell

  1. We so agree with this! But sometimes it just gets to you and you forget to count to 10 😉


    Posted by That's Mine Labels | February 4, 2014, 12:41 pm
  2. Thanks for your comment. Love to hear more from you.


    Posted by Bodjetstar | February 14, 2014, 11:15 am

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