Etiquette: How To Raise Children With Good Table Manners

Don’t underestimate the importance of good manners. Your children will grow up to be more considerate of others if you teach them how to be that way when they are young. You can do that by setting a good example.
You must always say “please” and “thank you” to your kids. Even when you are saying, “Please get me a napkin,” or “Thank you for helping me.”

And don’t forget good table manners.
When it comes to proper behavior, caution your children in order to avoid embarrassment in public. Teach your kids what you think is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Make sure that you are consistent about the rules.
Some general table manners include no gross jokes, no throwing food, no leaning back while sitting in the chairs, no talking with food in your mouth and definitely no loud belching or passing wind.
Yes, in some cultures belching after a meal is acceptable but try not to irritate others.

I believe these tips would help you to enable you children have good table manner.

Thus, You can contribute as well.


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