People’s Comments On: “My 6 Months Pregnant Wife Dealt With My Mum Brutally – What Should I Do?”

Some comments from the story source are:

*Ur mum is @ fault, but as d man, try 2 calm ur wife so dat she can beg ur mum, and everytin b resolved#peace.
*Mmm..Apologis to ur mum no mata wat, she is still ur mum.
*Ur mum is at fault, jus do sorry to ur wife nd ask ur wife 2 say apologise 2 ur mum 4 peace 2 reign in ur family cos u cant snd ur wife away cos of ur mum’s fault.
*No matter how is it, you have to beg your mummy,and tell your wife to forget about the matter, just settle the problem.
*U mum is at fault but u as a man try 2 convince ur wife 2 apologies 2 ur mum and as well try and make sure peace returns 2 ur home.ur mother feel more pains when something happens to u than ur wife.believe me or decline it.nevertheless both of them are important.
*Your mum cannot and can neva dictate 4 u.u re a man,a grown up man.ur mum is at fault,she is a woman like ur wife,she was once pregnant,ur mum should put herself in ur wife’s shoe cos wot ur mum did was really bad of her as a mother.


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