Healthy Living Tips For Pregnant Women: How Drugs Can Affect Your Baby During Pregnancy

Drug use not prescribed by your doctors during can affect both the foetus and the baby.
Most drugs cross the placenta (the organ that provides nourishment to the foetus). Some can cause direct toxic (poisonous) effects and drug dependency in the foetus. After birth, some drugs can be passed to the baby through breast-feeding.
Drugs can cause problems throughout your pregnancy. For example, the early part of pregnancy is the most critical for the health of a foetus. This is when the main body systems are forming. Using drugs during this time can cause severe damage. Drugs can have harmful effects on the foetus at any time during the pregnancy, their nature after birth.

Some Of The Effects Also Include:

*Poor appetite.
*Trouble sleeping at night.
*Early (premature) labour.
*Hard to make decisions or plans.
*More chances of infections.
*Water breaks too early.
*Unable to cope with normal changes during pregnancy.
*Sudden bleeding.



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