Question People Asked: Is It Advisable To Enroll All Your Children In A School Or You Should Let Them Be In Different Schools?

People will give various opinions concerning this question based on what they have heard or experienced.
Note that this is a case study so that it won’t look useless to you.

There are advantages and disadvantages of either enrolling your kids in the same school or different schools, but before you give your own opinions, let me chip in what some women said during an incident that happened in Lagos when fire outbreak at Ijegun Pipeline explosion when some students were involved in the loss.

Based on this incident and some other ones which I cannot mention here, it was concluded that it is better to have your children enrolled in different school.

Please Note that I am not using this to confuse or scare you but to convince you that it is better at times to have your children in different schools than being in the same school to minimize number of children loss in an accident relating to this which you will never experience it in Jesus Name.

What’s Your Opinion About This? Please Drop Your Comment.


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