Nurture Your Child’s Vision!

The Word of God says, “….your sons and daughters shall prophesy,…young men shall see visions” (Joel 2:28).
When I see children with visions of doing something big for God, I only count on their parents who can help them to nurture their dreams and visions.

Parents, don’t discourage your children from achieving what they ought to have achieved.
Don’t be the obstacle because of your own expectations.
A child who wanted to be an engineer was forced and frustrated to become a doctor all because the parent want to be called doctor’s father or mother.
Their are some children being discouraged as a result of their parents choosing their careers for them.
Let your children do what will make them live a happy and fulfilled life than making them doing what God has not destined them to do.
Encourage them to seek God and get a vision for their future and when they get it, always pray for them.

My dear reader, have you experienced such before? Or Are you having such challenges now?
What is your opinion on this?


About Bodjetstar

I am Adediya Olabode "Bodjetstar" the Founder of Channel of Virtue, Nigeria's No. 1 Online Family and Parenting Magazine dedicated to raise and nurture Godly families. Also, I am the host of The Great Value Show dedicated to add values to lives. Join me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @Bodjetstar


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