Choosing Life Partner: Is It Right For Parents To Choose For Their Children In Terms Of Future Partner?

I listened to a talk show on radio few days ago on this topic, “Is It Good For Parents To Choose Whom To Marry For Their Children?”

Some of the comments from the callers are:

~ parents should choose and have full knowledge of such spouse.
~ parents choose make a thorough research to help their children and their family.
~ parents should only assist them in prayer because it’s not the parents that will live with them.


If we take a look at it now based on what’s happening in Nigeria, there are lots of divorce news daily. Why?
Some young people go into early marriage without the basic knowledge of what marriage entails. They never know that those who rush into marriage without adequate preparation will leads to failure and they rush out.
I pray that your marriage will be enjoyable and not endurable.

Now back to my question, I am throwing it to you to give your own comments, advice or opinions on this for those having similar issues.

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One thought on “Choosing Life Partner: Is It Right For Parents To Choose For Their Children In Terms Of Future Partner?

  1. What if the such person is an orphan? Let the will of God be done.


    Posted by Daniel Ekpo | November 25, 2016, 12:27 am

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