Couples Connection: Make Love A Priority #

In my previous post on Make Love A Priority, it was stated that if you love God, you must do His will as commanded. This principle is also applied in marriage.

Thus, a wife needs to understand the same thing about her husband. Your husband will know you love him when you give him your energies and attention he deserves. Your husband feels the same way about your being tired to give him what he needs as you do about his copping out when your needs are not met. The answer is putting action to your words.

Although verbalizing love for God and for others is important, words will not be necessary to convince people of your love if you do what is right in prioritizing your life and communicating through actions.

***This article is written by Jimmy & Karen Evans in their book titled,”Marriage On The Rock”


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I am ADEDIYA Olabode Bodjetstar. Founder & Editor of CHANNEL OF VIRTUE, and the host of THE GREAT VALUE SHOW


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