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From Our Reader: “My Father’s Youngest Wife Who Is Two Years Younger Than Me Is In Love With Me, What Can I Do?” Says A Man Who Need Your Candid Advice.

Here is his story:

“My father’s last wife called me two weeks ago to come to her house. I went there immediately with no delay but on getting to her house I met her dressed in a very romantic dress. She told me that she she married my father not because of love but because of my father’s money and the love she have for me. She’s just two years younger than I. She begged me to start a love affair with her which I gave her a diplomatic reply because I don’t want to be implicated.
She drove to my house at a very early hour on last Sunday to pick me out under pretence to my wife that I want help her inspect her construction site.
She took me out to a five star hotel in Victoria Island for relaxation and begged me to agree to her love proposal to me. Yet, I remained diplomatic with my reply because I want to avoid being implicated.
She has been calling me after our time out on Sunday from time to time referring to me as ‘MY BABY’.
I need advice from you concerning this problem.”

This is extracted from facebook.


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