Parent Line: Motivating Your Children Can Change Their Attitudes

Many children lack the encouragement they need in order to perform better academically. Many of these children lack parental care and the motivation is not there since they are missing it.

Let’s take a look at this as a case study:

A woman was assisting her little child in doing his assignment. Suddenly she hits the boy on the head, “Olodo!” She exclaimed, “Your mates are solving it themselves, you are here doing rubbish.”

Situation like this can affect the child. It creates a wrong mentality for such child unless the child is counsel amicably. The child will not be able to reveal what is not well undersrtood to such mother.
The shout alone can create a fear in the child and might felt discouraged. Why not create in love and see the differences.

Therefore, parents are to be there for their children. You are the only one your children rely on. Your attitude can either change their attitude positively or negatively.
If you make your child happy, he will also makes you happier.

Children that are being motivated or encouraged always perform better because their parents are the inspiration behind their success.

I remember a question that a parent asked:

“My 10-year-old son has always been happy to go to school and gets along well with teachers and classmates. But he thinks that average, C-level work is good enough. I don’t expect him to make all A’s, but he’s capable of doing better. How can I help change his attitude?”

Considering this question, it is advised that you are blessed to have a fairly normal, normal, and well adjusted son who is happy to go to school and gets along with teachers and friends. This child believes that education is the best legacy. You are to appreciate God for your son. It is well understood that you want your son to maximize his potential fully, but before you take some steps in that direction, there are couple of important things to keep in mind.
You need to understand that the boy is still developing at his age. It is also important to understand the implications of his unique personality. Is he more introverted or extroverted? Is he energized by solitary tasks or by being with others? Is he structured or organized, or is a free type?
Many well-meaning parents unintentionally send the message that their child is a failure and that he is letting them down.
The challenge is how to build intrinsic motivation in the boy. His teachers might be a great resource. I remember when I was a class teacher in a primary school, I have parents who came to explain the challenges they were facing at home with me and I tried my possible best to bring the best out of such pupils. To the glory of God, those children were pwrforming better than they used to. Thus, you need to meet with his teacher to brainstorm some ideas on how to get him motivated. Find time out of no time to do this. The teacher would know what has worked with other boys of his age.
Consider some creative age-appropriate ways to help him see some of the consequences of just getting by. What are his interests? How can you use his interests to assist him in deriving your desires?
Determine to praise him for his strengths. Let your son know that he is loved and valued. When you pray with him, give thanks for all the good things that are part of who he is. Over time you will discover the kinds of things that will help him develop intrinsic motivation without sending the message that he’s a failure or a disappointment to you.

You might want to ask that, what are other ways to motivate a child?

The following are tips on how to motivate your child:

1. Lead by example: Demonstrate personal motivation. Show your child that you enjoy what you do.

2. Guide friendship: Encourage your children to associate with friends who are of positive influences both academically and socially.

3. Establish value: Subjects that children are in interested in are more motivating than subjects in which they see no value.

4. Set goals: Motivation is higher when assignments are defined in specific, short-term goals. Help your children in setting an accomplishable goal.


About Olabode Adediya

Olabode Adediya (Bodjetstar) is the founder of Channel of Virtue. He is the host of The Great Value Show, an personal development podcast. He is an Author, Writer, Motivational Speaker and Content Creator. Connect with him on social media @Bodjetstar.


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