Marriage And Secrecy: What Are The Effects Of Being Too Secretive In Marriage?

Marriage is known to be oneness as the Bible teaches. Marriage is between two people that love themselves and thus, they will have things in common, work together as a team to build a happy home, labour and reap together, plan and execute together, and raise children together. There should no secrets between them and they are to be best of friends. Unfortunately, many do not respect their marriage. I don’t know why a spouse should hide information about things that are important.
Secrecy has destroyed many relationships. It keeps relevant information from spouse and children. It brings about silence when you are supposed to talk and make it open. Keeping things as secret from your spouse can affect your marriage because a secret that is later revealed or discovered causes great pain. It greatly weakens and destroys trust and love.

But before I proceed, I will like to hear your own view on this:

How Will You Feel Discovering What Your Spouse Or Partner Kept As Secret From An Outsider?


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