Extraordinary Marriage: 3 Great Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage

A couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary was asked the secret to their success.

The husband replied, “The day we got married we agreed that if an argument arose, I would go out and stand on the porch until I cooled off. And it worked like a charm, 50 years of being outdoors in all that fresh air was exactly what this relationship needed!”

Do you know that there are marriages nowadays that is destroyed and did not last for more than a week all because of a little argument that occurred?

Do you know that little misunderstandings between couples have put an end to some marriages? 

Marriage is a journey of life and you need to possess some skills just like the recruiting agents will require for a job applied for. You have to keep strengthening your marriage so that it won’t go weary. There are lots of ways to to that but I will discuss just three today. Hope is not too small? 

From this story, it is certain that if you have been spending too much time out on the porch when an argument occurred It will be of help to avoid fights or argument, am I right? Well let me know your opinion on that at the end. 

Therefore, the three great ways to strengthen your marriage and build a peaceful home are as follows:
1.   Communication: Your communication skill is very important when you are to settle disputes. The word, ‘Sorry’ has different interpretations as said by the Yorubas (an ethnic group in Nigeria). Poor communication between couples have destroyed some homes in Nigeria, even in some African countries. Communication is not just by words but the body language and facial expressions. 

Speaking great but pleasant words to your spouse in the right way will go a long way to strengthen your marriage.

2.   Concern: Showing concerns about your spouse will help to improve your relationship. Question like,’What do you need?’  and similar questions shows how much you care. Showing concerns shows how much you care. Try to listen to your spouse than just talking. At times, your spouse may not want you to solve the problem, but to share it. Sharing it with you builds the confidence and closeness. You paying attention to your spouse while sharing with you will make both of you feel concerned when matter arises. The will avoid engaging a third party to settle disputes between you. Closeness in marriage is not an accident, it’s a decision you make, and keep making everyday.

3.   Coping: You need to understand how you cope with your spouse in any situation. Even in the midst of challenges, let positive words be spoken such as – “We can work it out.” “…’s well, God is in control” and so on like that. Don’t say you cannot cope with that situation. Remember that you were both enjoying when things are going smoothly and the situation was favourable. Marriage may alleviate the problem of loneliness, but it presents the challenge of getting along with another person. It teaches you that you can’t always avoid conflict, but you can make it work for you.

 The truth is, unless there are two winners in a marriage, there are none at all.

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