Phone Call Language: The Tips To Improve Your Communication Skills 

This article is written by Mercy  S.

The aim of this short piece is to help you improve your communication skills while you are on call. It briefly highlights some of the common mistakes people make everyday. 

Do not say: I saw your missed call

Say: I missed your call 

Do not say: Your voice is cracking

Say: The line is breaking

Do not say: Flash me

Say: Give me a drop-call, beep me or give me a beep

Do not say: I am hearing you

Say: I can hear you

Do not say: Come again

Say: I can’t hear you.

Etymologically, the word telephone comes from Latin and Greek.

in Latin means ‘distance‘ and phone in Greek means ‘sound‘ so the compound word becomes
‘distance sound’ TELEPHONE.
Now you know better.


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I am Adediya Olabode D. aka Bodjetstar, Founder/Editor of CHANNEL OF VIRTUE, a family and parenting blog created to raise and nurture Godly homes.


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