Questions You Ask Yourself Before You Start A Blog: The Secret Towards Successful Blog Plan

Do you intend to start a blog due to your passion to impact lives positively through your publications?

Are you thinking of how to plan and achieve success in it?

Don’t worry about that, today I will guide you through the process without taking much of your time.

Here are the questions you need to answer in order to make things easier for you along the run based on my experience so far. Therefore, write down the following questions and provide an answer for each:

  1. What is your blog name?
  2. How many categories will it have? Name them.
  3. How many articles will you publish per week or per month?
  4. What are your sources of posts or ideas?
  5. What types of contents will you have on your blog? Is it going to be interview, product reviews, tutorials or instructions etc?
  6. When will you be updating your blog? Give the number of time.
  7. Which related blogs will you read to make a comment?
  8. How many comments will you make per day?
  9. What types of books, magazines or blogs so you read most?
  10. What do you enjoy talking about mostly? If you had to walk into a lecture hall or a classroom and talk about a subject or a topic you are knowledgeable, what would it be?
  11. What are your skills and interest?
  12. What do people say about you when it comes to your talents? What can you do with ease better than others without struggling?

I hope you understand the above highlights that will guide you through the process of starting a blog and for those who have started, to help you maintain it based on your plan.

If you have any additional information please state it and for any question regarding this can be asked.

Don’t forget that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


About Bodjetstar

I am Adediya Olabode D. aka Bodjetstar, Founder/Editor of CHANNEL OF VIRTUE, a family and parenting blog created to raise and nurture Godly homes.


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