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Don’t Worry, It Is Settled

This situation of the economy makes some parents to be worried about the means of taking care of their children because of their financial challenges. Taking care of their children’s financial needs such as school fees and others is bothering their hearts as we know that the children are on vacation presently.

Buying will be the next thing to do because very soon they will resume for the next academic session and the kids will need new writing materials and text books except for those in secondary schools who can still continue using their spacious used in the previous class (now that they promoted to the next class).

Some parents are worried about all these. Every parent wants to perform his/her role. Parents want the best for their children especially sound education.

Are you worried about the present situation of things?

Are you scared or feeling sorrowful that things are not going well as you think of? I am using this medium to tell you, “Don’t Worry.”

I remember when I gained admission into the university years ago, there was a financial challenge that I was unable to pay of school fees at the stipulated time. I was praying for God’s favour and provisions. To the glory of God, the issue of school fees was settled.

The psalmist said, “My help is in the name of God Who made the heaven and earth.”

I am telling you right now that your help will locate you. No matter what you are passing through, God will remember you for good and bless you beyond measures.

I am telling you, don’t worry about those issues again! Trust God and rely on Him. Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares about you. Look unto God for help than men who will disappoint you. When you call upon God, He will touch the heart of men to bless you.

Meet with your Creator who gave you the child and tell Him your worries. Have that faith in Him.

Let not your heart be troubled, and don’t be afraid.


About Olabode Adediya

Olabode Adediya (Bodjetstar) is the founder of Channel of Virtue. He is the host of The Great Value Show, an personal development podcast. He is an Author, Writer, Motivational Speaker and Content Creator. Connect with him on social media @Bodjetstar.


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