Can You Answer These 10 Questions?

This a compilation of questions from my previous posts which I will like you to answer.

  1. Question Of The Day: When Marriage Grows Weary What Will You Do?
  2. What Is Your Impact In People’s Life?
  3. Anger: Can It Be Controlled In Marriage? | What Is Your Own Opinion?
  4. Your Children Vs Social Media: Which Is More Important?
  5. Have You Prayed Today?
  6. Have You Given Thanks To GOD Today?
  7. Who is GOD to you?
  8. Are You Encouraging Your Child Or Not?
  9. Who Is The Cheat Between The Father and The Mother of This Little Child? A Funny Story You Need to Read!
  10. Question People Asked: Is It Advisable To Enroll All Your Children In A School Or You Should Let Them Be In Different Schools?

About Bodjetstar

I am Adediya Olabode D. aka Bodjetstar, Founder/Editor of CHANNEL OF VIRTUE, a family and parenting blog created to raise and nurture Godly homes.


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