Kidnapping Security Tips: How To Prevent Yourself From Kidnappers

The rate of kidnapping is increasing but it can be reduced by knowing what to do by observing some security measures.

When I was a child, I knew that kidnappers focused on little children and they were called ‘Gbomogbomo‘ (as we used to call it in Yoruba language) but now, it’s not only children but adults.

Kidnapping Security tips: How to prevent yourself from being kidnapped

Being security conscious in our daily lives can help to reduce it. Some of the security tips that will help you not to be a victim of kidnapping includes:

  1. Do not give away your personal information such as your home address, phone numbers, to persons unknown to you or on social media. The only contact details you can give out on your social media platforms to those unknown to you should be your email address and your website or blog url address.
  2. Watch what and where you speak, especially on the phone. A lot of people don’t have sense of security while speaking in public places, and that could end up into being kidnapped and asked to pay a ransom. So, mind what you say and where you say it.
  3. Be alert to suspicious and unusual behaviour happenings around you.
  4. Create a peephole in your door, where you can check out the person at your door before letting him or her in.
  5. Ensure that you get a clear glass windows that will help you observe a person from a distance.
  6. If you do not have a gate or fence, lock all the doors at all times.
  7. Do not leave bags or money lying around in your car, home or office.
  8. Do not discuss financial matters in open places and not even in the car or within the hearing of your domestic staff.
  9. Avoid huge cash transactions, use ATM or online transfer where necessary.
  10. Do not leave your children in a car unattended, particularly while shopping, refuelling or on social outings.
  11. Do not carry black nylon bags or big brown envelopes, it may attracts criminals.
  12. Be discrete in your philanthropic gestures as this could make you a target.

Moreover, if you are capable of installing CCTV cameras at home to monitor movements of people outside your home, you can do that also. Schools can also install CCTV in the school surroundings to monitor activities in and around the premises especially at opening and closing times.

Applying these tips against kidnapping in your daily lives would minimize the risk of being kidnapped.


About Olabode Adediya

Olabode Adediya (Bodjetstar) is the founder of Channel of Virtue. He is the host of The Great Value Show, an personal development podcast. He is an Author, Writer, Motivational Speaker and Content Creator. Connect with him on social media @Bodjetstar.


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