Fascinating Facts Everyone Should Know About Love

There are different sorts of love involved in life. Not everyone experience the same.

Few people consider love as a special feeling felt when you meet the correct one for you. While some take love as decision which comes later on when you have appreciated that special somebody in your life.

What is Love?

How do we show it?

This is an important question that many of us know less.

Love ought not to be based on physical attraction. If based on that, it means you won’t love that individual when the physical attraction fades away.

Love people who are beautiful within, and they get to be distinctly beautiful on the outside because you love them.

Everyone, regardless of what they say or do responds to love.

Love is an excellent way to keep or re-introduce passion into any relationship.

Keeping love in a relationship leads to a lifetime of happiness. Love can make you happier, if you are happy.

Love is important in any relationship.

The tricky part about love is finding exactly what sort of love gesture your partner responds to favourably.

There are some fundamental truths about love that can help you figure out what direction to take your love intentions.

The fundamental truths about love are as follows:

Love is slow to resent but seek to support.

Love lifts when down.

Therefore, share the love of god that is in you unto others.

“And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works.” (Hebrews 10:24).


About Olabode Adediya

I am Olabode Adediya (also known as Bodjetstar). Channel of Virtue is an inspiring family and parenting blog in Nigeria created to raise and nurture Godly homes. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @Bodjetstar


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