7 Secrets to Save Your Marriage From Destruction

There are some people who seek advice from the wrong person who they thought will guide them. They never know that they are being deceived in order to destroy their marriage.

Do you know that, it’s not everyone you see around you that love the way your marriage is peaceful?

Like I said in my previous post on how to sustain happiness in your marriage, you have to keep nurturing it against any form of destruction.

Today, I will share with you some secrets to save your marriage from destruction. You know that when you have a happy home, you must protect it from destruction.

What Are The Secrets to Save Your Marriage From Destruction?

The seven secrets to save your marriage are as follows:

1. Forgive and be forgiven, get over the past: There is no way that you will not be offended, but you have to forgive so that you too can be forgiven as God forgives you of your sins.

If you refuse to forgive your marriage-mate, and you keep nurturing it in mind, you will always be disturbed and thereby finding a means to retaliate.

You either seek advice from someone who will either counsel you to forgive your partner or a wicked one who will destroy it.

Forgiveness is the main secret to building a long lasting relationship in marriage.

2. Make it your top priority: Marriage is number one, the children are number two, and your work is number three.

Many of our women, neglect their husbands and stick to the children. They will say their children are now their husbands.

The secret here is that, some of the husbands who is neglected by their wives, always find an alternatives. They look for those who will care about them. This then leads to a polygamous home.

3. Play with your partner: You should play together to relieve your stress and refresh that love of being together.

The secret here is that, if your spouse gets that attention outside the home, he or she might be thinking of being around the person who relieve him or her of stress and worries through playing.

4. Don’t keep the score: Don’t keep counting scores of offences that had happened in the past. Don’t use the past to misbehave in the present. Don’t revenge but leave everything for God to take control of all situations.

Here, you will be looking for a way that will hurt your partner than what was done to hurt you earlier. Thus, this gives the devil a chance to destroy such marriage. Such will not happen to you in Jesus name.

5. Don’t zip your lips: Share your feelings and thoughts with your spouse. Communication helps in building a long lasting relationship. Talk when you need to talk than keeping quiet. Don’t zip your lips when you need to make things right. Reveal your mind than keeping malice.

The secret is, you get connected more and more through your communication and that gives no room for false accusations because you would have discussed it

6. Remember why you get married: Why did you marry your spouse? Let this question rings in your mind everytime. You have what it takes to make your marriage successful and peaceful. If not you won’t marry.

The secret is, God institutes marriage. Having God in control will let you go to Him in prayer and tell him your mind. You will settle it in prayer for He is the one who is in charge of marriage.

7. Let No One Deceive You: There are some people who are ready to destroy your home when they see how peaceful it is.

What would you call them? Enemy? You cannot say. They can come as a friend in order to have access to your life but you never know that they are wolves clothed in sheep garments. That’s why you must be careful with what you hear from others before you act on it.

Don’t let anyone deceive you with empty words. Yes, I mean empty words when what they say is not so. You count it as empty in order not to believe in what didn’t occurred.

Women are easily deceived. For instance, a friend comes to you, “Do you know that your husband is a cheat? I saw him with one lady yesterday discussing.”

The deceived ones would believe it and digest it. Then concluded that it’s true. She would either keep it in her nurturing that and start monitoring her husband or confront him immediately her husband walks in the evening. The wise ones will defend their husbands to stop the ‘Amebo’ (* Amebo is what Nigerians call people that pokenose into other people’s affairs or backbite).

This will makes her stop monitoring your husband when you didn’t react to her empty words. The wise ones will apply wisdom in knowing the truth. If it was so, they would resolve it amicably.

I believe that if you apply these in your marriage, the chance of destruction will be zero percent.

What are those secrets you know to save marriage from destruction that is not discussed here?


About Olabode Adediya

Olabode Adediya (Bodjetstar) is the founder of Channel of Virtue. He is the host of The Great Value Show, an personal development podcast. He is an Author, Writer, Motivational Speaker and Content Creator. Connect with him on social media @Bodjetstar.


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