Secrets of Commitment: How to Fix It Quick with Your Spouse

We hear a lot about what goes wrong in families that fails. But what is right in those that succeed?

Some couples who don’t understand what it takes to make a successful family thought divorce is the best. They don’t know that this can affect the lives of their children.

In most cases, they lack what it takes to build a successful marriage. A successful marriage makes a successful family.

How can you stay committed in your marriage?

How can you stay committed with your spouse?

Is your spouse not committed? How can you fix this issue quickly?

How? This article will discuss the secrets of how to stay committed and some possible solutions to this issue in marriage, which is the secrets of successful families.

These are practical solutions for every couple who wants to stay committed in their marriage.

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How to Stay Committed with Your Spouse

THE SECRET OF COMMITMENT Commitment is like an anchor that keeps the marriage steady during stormy times.

Husbands and wives who are committed to their marriage view it as a permanent bond, and that creates a sense of security between them. Each spouse is confident that the other will honour the union, even in difficult times.

Some couples feel compelled to stay together because of social or family pressure. Far better, however, is a sense of commitment that is based on mutual love and respect.

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If you are committed to your marriage, you allow yourself to be wronged. You are quick to forgive and quick to apologise.


Many people go into marriage knowing that they have a fall back plan – divorce. They concluded in their minds that marriage is no more for better for worse. When problem arises, they divorce.

When someone just entered marriage and already thinking about the possibility of divorce, they lack commitment from the start.

When confronted with problems, spouses without commitment are more likely to conclude, “We were not made for each other” and find a way to get out of the marriage.

How to Stay Committed with Your Spouse:  Possible Solutions


You need to test yourself using these checklist:

When you are having misunderstandings or when in the middle of a dispute…..

  • Do you find yourself regretting that you married your spouse?
  • Do you daydream about being with someone else?
  • Do you say things such as “I’m leaving you” or “I’m going to find someone who appreciate me”?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, this is the time you need to strengthen your commitment.

You need to discuss with your spouse.

Use the following as a guide on what to discuss:

  • Has the level of commitment in our marriage decreased? If so, why?
  • What steps can we take now to strengthen our commitment.

You can also:

  • Write an occasional love note to your spouse.
  • Show your commitment by displaying the photos of your spouse on your phone. You can also display it on your desk at work (if you have an office).
  • Communicate with your spouse on phone each day while you are at work or apart.

Nevertheless, the fact is, marriage can be a rewarding and permanent bond.

Therefore, what God has joined together, let no man put asunder. (Matthew 19:6)

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What other ways can help couples stay committed in marriage without thinking of divorce?

Kindly share your own opinions and contribute to this by leaving your comment below.

We appreciate your contribution. We will like to learn more from you.

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