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Ladies: 15 Ways to Know Your Relationship is for Sex Alone

Most of our young people are sexually active especially the ladies who think sexual intercourse with their partners is a means of showing love.

As a lady, Godly relationship should be your priority than engaging in a relationship where you are only taken for granted all in the name of love.

Some ladies are being hurt when used and dumped. Their relationships are based on premarital sex as a means of expressing their love. On the other hand, their partners (Mr. Lover) who depend on them when sexually active, have someone else kept for marriage.

Get it clear that when your relationship is sex-dependent every day without thinking of something else better to do, such relationship will not last.

Premarital sex does not only lead to sexually transmitted diseases but have spiritual implications. Sex is beyond the pleasure of the body but has its own spiritual effects which only few ladies know about.

Many ladies have have lost their glories to evil men through sex. Some are having problems after marriage due to their past that is controlling their present lives. It’s only Godly that can help you to have a long lasting relationship. You need His grace as a lady not to engage in premarital sex.

There are many who cannot control it. Their flesh is willing but the grace of God will help them out. They need to have the knowledge and keep themselves from men who are not ready for marriage but sex alone.

Are you in a relationship based on sex alone?

Have you been hurt and afraid of starting over?

Have you been used and dumped due to your ignorance?

Are you thinking of how to have a Godly relationship?

What are the signs young ladies need to know if their relationship is for sex alone?

How can you know that he loves you for sex alone?

If any of the questions above comes to mind, you are at the right place. After reading this article, you will discover some of the signs that show that your relationship is for sex alone.

Parents should also use this as a guide to help their daughters who is matured enough to start a relationship.


Some of the great signs to look for as a lady to know if it is just for sex include:

  1. Every time you see each other, it’s only to have sex. It’s just for sex.
  2. Only comes over at night. For instance, he calls you around 10pm or later asking if you can come over or if he can come over around midnight. It’s just for sex.
  3. He doesn’t want to go out anywhere. He always believe there is no world outside the bedroom. It’s just for sex.
  4. He never talks about family and friends talkless of you knowing his parents. If you don’t know, it might just be for sex.
  5. He doesn’t want to hear about your family and friends. It’s just for sex.
  6. The phone conversation, online chat or SMS messages are only in a sexual nature. Some relationships are like this but others are just for sex.
  7. You only meet at places where sex can occur. It’s just for sex.
  8. He never talks about life outside the bedroom instead of talking of other things.
  9. He only calls to meet you on something important but end up having sex.
  10. He avoids you in the public and pretends he doesn’t know you. He turns his eyes away when you see each other in public. He is not proud of you.
  11. He only spends a couple of hours with you and always end it all with sex. But cannot use such time to assist you in achieving something important that you need him for.
  12. Even after satisfying himself, he ignores you and send you away. Eyah!
  13. You don’t eat together. Do you remember this saying, “a couple that eats together stays together”.
  14. He wants you to leave immediately after satisfying himself. He doesn’t want you to be seen with him.

In conclusion, to have a long lasting and peaceful relationship, believe right now that it’s beyond premarital sex.

Sex is a tool in marriage. It is for those that are married.

Have a Godly relationship that can lead to marriage in order to use this tool after marriage.

Some young ladies are ignorant of the implications of premarital sex. They engaged in it due to so many factors of which basically, it is caused by their parents because they have no knowledge of things they needed to know – girl child education.

Let’s discuss why young ladies engaged in premarital sex.

What leads to premarital sex?

Is it the fault of the young men who used the young ladies and dumped them?

Why are young ladies victims of this issue discussed?

What other things do you have to contribute? Respond through your comment below.


About Olabode Adediya

Olabode Adediya (Bodjetstar) is the founder of Channel of Virtue. He is an advocates for positive parenting and healthy family lifestyle. He also believes in personal development by hosting "The Great Value Show". He is an Author, Writer, Motivational Speaker and Content Creator. Connect with him on social media @Bodjetstar.


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