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Channel of virtue is a Nigerian Family and parenting blog for every parent, couple, and those intending to get into the journey of parenting.

This site is dedicated to create educative, informative and inspiring content for every family.

We recognize the importance of children and their development. They are the heart and soul of a family. Therefore, we provide parenting tips and advice needed by parents because children don’t come with instruction manual. We help help parents in instilling virtues in their children.

Therefore, Channel of Virtue is created as a platform for sharing such tips, guides and techniques to raise and nurture Godly homes.


To raise and nurture Godly homes.



Enhancing the virtues in making a happy family life.


We focus on family, lifestyle, marriage, parenting, relationship, education and inspirational topics for self-improvement and personal development.


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About The Founder/Editor

Channel of Virtue is created in February 2013 by Olabode Adediya (popularly known as Bodjetstar).

He is a Biochemist who graduated from the prestigious University in Nigeria, Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU).

He is multi-talented and passionate about making a positive impacts in the lives of people. He is an author, health personnel, an inspirational speaker, writer, educator, comedian and content creator.

He is an experienced teacher with over 5 years teaching experience in both primary and secondary school levels and an experienced tutor to undergraduates. His passion and observations an educator brings about creating a platform to discuss some of the issues affecting children of which the home is the source.

Moreover, the type of character a child exhibits in the society is as a result of how he/she is trained from home. The home, the lifestyle of parents, their relationships and family life is very important. Identifying the major problems parents and young people face today bring about the creation of this platform as a resource and guide for every family. Family is a place where love begins. This is a channel for every family.

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  1. while the other blog dedicated for students is called THE GREAT VALUE (TGV) which can be accessed on http://www.thegreatvalue.wordpress.com


    Posted by Bodjetstar | October 18, 2013, 12:21 AM
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