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Olabode Adediya (Bodjetstar) is the founder of Channel of Virtue. He is the host of The Great Value Show, an personal development podcast. He is an Author, Writer, Motivational Speaker and Content Creator. Connect with him on social media @Bodjetstar.
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What Every Mother Should Understand About Raising A Girl Child

Your daughter is not just a little girl. Every girl child posseses the quality of a mother right from tender age. Do you know that most female children at a tender age love acting like a mother? They can mix leaves and other things to make soup when playing with their friends? They even make … Continue reading

Celebrating The Women: International Women’s Day Celebration

It’s International Women’s Day Celebration I celebrate all the women who have been a source of inspiration to their children. I celebrate all the women who have been a channel of virtue to their children. I celebrate all the women who believe that they are men carrying womb (womb-men) who never rely only on their … Continue reading

The Best Way To Spend Your Valentine’s Day with Your Family

In just a few days, February 14th will turn on our calendars once again. This means it’s time to think about celebrating Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day do not have to be about giving bouquets of roses and teddy bears holding hearts alone. At times, all these gifts are often quickly forgotten, but with an impact … Continue reading

Exciting News: My Free Giveaway for 2019 People

My new ebook “Panacea to a Successful Married Life” is officially available for 2019 people to download it free. I am giving it away for free to 2019 people as I have promised earlier on my facebook timeline. This offer will be available till 15th January, 2019. So make sure you get your own copy … Continue reading

Video: Top 10 Motherhood Blogs in Nigeria

eBook: Panacea To A Successful Married Life

Marriage is a journey of life. When things go wrong, there is a remedy for it. Panacea to a successful married life is a life transforming guide that revive the lost glory of a relationship and bring out happy married life. It’s my pleasure to introduce my latest ebook titled, “PANACEA TO A SUCCESSFUL MARRIED … Continue reading

3 Best Ways to Raise a Smart and Happy Child Who is Confident

Every parent wants to have a smart and confident Child. But not all of them are happy. A child can be smart and confident outside but remain unhappy in the presence of his or her parents. Such child performs better outside of which when at home, he loses his confidence and looks dull. As a … Continue reading

ParentsLine: Are You Allowing Your Child or You Are Doing it All Alone?

Some young people are find it difficult to do common house chores like cooking, washing, sweeping etc. They cannot do anything all because they were not trained to do it while growing up. Their parents do everything for them. They never know that it will affect them later in life. There are some that were … Continue reading

Drug Abuse: What Parents Should Know

What is drug abuse? What are the effects of drug abuse that you don’t know? How is overdose affecting our body? Is it good to use drugs above limit for faster relief? This article gives answers to the above questions. What is drug abuse? Drug abuse is simply taking drugs or any chemical substances without … Continue reading

5 Major Types of Maturity That Build Lasting Relationship in Marriage

This topic must have been exhaustively written on or discussed by different experts in many discussion forums. However, for the benefit of all, let me define marriage as MARRY-AT-AGE. This invariably means coming together of matured man and woman consenting to become husband and wife. Maturity in this context is viewed broadly under such headings … Continue reading

How to Praise Children

Some people say that it is impossible to give your child too much praise. Others claim that constant praise will spoil your child and make him feel entitled, as if the world owed him something. Besides how much you praise your child, you also have to consider the kind of praise you offer. Which type … Continue reading

The Welfare of Children: 6 Things To Protect Children From

Are you really ensuring the welfare of children? Apart from home, children’s welfare should be protected at all levels – from the federal to local government levels. The way some children are maltreated annoys me at times. Those who maltreated them thought they were doing them bad not knowing that they were doing them good. … Continue reading

Is Respect a Problem in Your Home?

Respect is an attitude of consideration or high regard. In marriage, respect Is one of the major factor for happiness to exist. Respect involves considering and honoring each other. Respectful spouses care about each other, even when there is a disagreement. Instead of talking about conflicts, they listen respectfully to their spouses’ perspectives and they … Continue reading

A Virgin But Defiled

Girls, especially under 20s, nowadays are living a life that is not worthy of a Godly home. They are already doing what their parents are not aware of. Is it their faults or their parents? Many years ago, parents would mislead their children, most especially the girls, that if they were touched by any male, … Continue reading

How to Communicate with Your Children without Argument

Children are affected by their parents’ arguments. This is an issue of concern, since you are a role model that your children are likely to follow if they marry. Why not find a way to effectively communicate with your child without arguing every time? Moreover, there are problems that cause disagreement between parents and children. … Continue reading

Ladies: 15 Ways to Know Your Relationship is for Sex Alone

Most of our young people are sexually active especially the ladies who think sexual intercourse with their partners is a means of showing love. As a lady, Godly relationship should be your priority than engaging in a relationship where you are only taken for granted all in the name of love. Some ladies are being … Continue reading

Pray First

Sometimes, we would have done what we feel right and forgot to pray for God’s direction. But when we couldn’t succeed at it, we fall back to God in prayer. There are some parents who have confidence in their children thinking they will succeed because they are very intelligent not knowing that the race is … Continue reading

Secrets of Commitment: How to Fix It Quick with Your Spouse

We hear a lot about what goes wrong in families that fails. But what is right in those that succeed? Some couples who don’t understand what it takes to make a successful family thought divorce is the best. They don’t know that this can affect the lives of their children. In most cases, they lack … Continue reading

Video: How to Flash without Airtime on Your Phone

This is a quick tip for Airtel subscribers in Nigeria on how to flash when you don’t have credit on your phone. If you are a subscriber on the airtel network, congratulations! This video will show you the how to call others when you have no credit on your phone. They will receive your call … Continue reading

The Types of Prayers That Get Answers

There are many different kinds of prayer. Let’s look at some of them and see what we can learn: THE PRAYER OF SURRENDER A prayer the gets you submitted unto the Lord. It makes you submitted unto God’s will for your life. A prayer of humility. A prayer of repentance. You voluntarily decide to follow … Continue reading


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