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Marry Your Mate: 6 Kinds of Mates You Must Marry

This article is worth sharing and I believe you will learn from this post that worth sharing. 6 MATES YOU MUST MARRY One of the ways your marriage will not add to the rate of divorce in our world today is for you to marry your mate and if you are married already, make your … Continue reading

Review: Caishen Chinese Restaurant

When you are talking about one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city of Lagos, Caishen Chinese Restaurant, is a favourite place for every family. Despite the fact that there are lots of Chinese restaurant in Lagos, Caishen Chinese Restaurant is a distinguished one. You will know more about them when you watch the … Continue reading

Power-Packed Prayers for Every Family Going Through Difficulties Right Now

It’s a new month, today being the first day of July 2018. This is the beginning of the second half of the year. There are some families going through difficulties right now since the beginning of the year and such should not continue in this second half of the year. This is the month of … Continue reading

5 Things to Figure Out Before You Choose A Life Partner: Quick Tips for Every Single

Are you single and still searching for a future partner? Do you know that no one is perfect if you think that you will find a perfect life partner. Let me tell you this: it’s only God that is perfect. All you have to pray for is the right person that will complement you. The … Continue reading

The Five Hundred Naira Note – A Short Inspiring Story | #PWS

It happened some time ago but I was in an audience listening to a motivational speaker. The speaker brought out his wallet and pulled out a N500 note. Holding it up, he asked, “Who wants this five hundred naira note?” Lots of hands went up. Including mine. A slow chorus began to build as people … Continue reading

It’s My Birthday – June 24th

All glory be unto the Lord, for He is worthy of my praise. I am using this medium to celebrate myself and to give thanks to God for adding a year today being June 24th. I appreciate the Almighty God for His love, kindness, support, compassion, grace and mercy upon my life. If I should … Continue reading

Effective Communication with Children: Tips on How to Get Your Kids Listen to You

How can you communicate effectively with your children? How can you get them listen to you? Is your child so stubborn that you find it difficult to talk to him or her? Do you find it difficult to express yourself before your children? I know that all fingers are not equal. Not all your children … Continue reading

Diligence: The Key to Achieve Success

Diligence is the ability to exercise persistence and determination to ensure excellence in any endeavour. It is giving the degree of care that is required in a given situation. The two key elements of diligence are commitment and perseverance. You are diligent when you employ commitment and perseverance into transforming vision into reality. God expects … Continue reading

Pleasing Religious Leaders to Hurt Your Spouse – Whose Fault?

Nowadays, the issue of religion affects some families whereby the religious leaders are not aware. But today, I will focus on the issue of respect. I observe that it’s common with some women who would give their religious leaders respect that they could not give their husbands at home. For instance, there are some women … Continue reading


When a home is on fire, the children are not in a pleasant mood. This is as a result of everyday fights and commotions at home. Does it means that those parents involved in this act never know that it affects their children in so many ways? There was a little boy, about 9 years … Continue reading

Review: Jago Milk for Every Family

GBfoods offers African consumers a varied range of milk powder under the Jago brand. Jago Gold Full Cream Milk Powder is ideal for a child’s all-round growth and is made from 100% fresh cow’s milk with vitamins and minerals. Jago D’lite instant filled milk powder is the friendly daily milk that powers your day with … Continue reading


The best thing is to see others the way God sees them and love them the way they are. Some people believe anyone who is not like them has a problem. They thought they can change other people or get them to measure up to their standards. You really can’t change anybody except God sent … Continue reading

Unique Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

I observed that most of our youths struggle with uncertainties about their appearance and their abilities, as well as how they measure up to others. Is it the faults of their parents or perhaps, peer pressure? Can we say it’s their backgrounds? Here’s what some of them said: “My weaknesses makes me to feel down. … Continue reading

5 Healthy Negative Emotions You Must Experience

Emotion is defined as a person’s internal state of being and involuntary physiological response to an object or a situation, based on or tied to physical state and sensory data. There are negative emotions that you must allow because they are healthy. They help in personal development and positive living. Allowing them will help you … Continue reading

Power of Words: Why You Must Sow The Right Words Into Your Life

Words are so powerful than what you think. The tongue is a powerful tool for utterances. That’s is why the security God gave the tongue is to help us control our tongues. You have your teeth and lips as guards for your tongue. Words are like rain that falls in order to make the earth … Continue reading

7 Secrets to Save Your Marriage From Destruction

There are some people who seek advice from the wrong person who they thought will guide them. They never know that they are being deceived in order to destroy their marriage. Do you know that, it’s not everyone you see around you that love the way your marriage is peaceful? Like I said in my … Continue reading

How to Determine the Level of Gas in a Cylinder: A Safety Tip for Gas Cooker

Welcome to another edition of “Post Worth Sharing (PWS)“. Today, I will share with you the best way to determine the level of your gas in its cylinder. There are some who do not know the level of the gas in the cylinder until it becomes empty. This little but important idea will help you … Continue reading

Health Benefits of Apple: 12 Reasons Why You Must Eat It Always

Delicious and crunchy, apple is one of the most popular and favourite fruits among the health conscious fitness lovers who firmly believe that health is wealth. This wonderful fruit contains rich phyto-nutrients that, in true sense, indispensable for optimal health. Certain antioxidants in apple have several health promoting and disease prevention properties, and thereby, truly … Continue reading

7 Ways to Sustain Happiness in Marriage

When there is no happiness in marriage, you cannot enjoy it. You keep hurting yourself and those around you. The more you keep doing that, you are adding more salt to your injury. It is better for you to find the solution to it than nurturing bitterness in your heart. Providing the right solution is … Continue reading

How to Make Liquid Soap: The Step by Step Guide (Free eBook Download)

Liquid soap production is very popular in Nigeria. Many Nigerians produce it at home. Its demand is high. Presently, many prefer to use it to wash cloth and kitchen utensils because it requires less energy. Liquid soap production in Nigeria is a good business one can venture into with less capital and start making huge … Continue reading

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