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Self Improvement Tips: Be Yourself [Others Have Been Taken]

There are people who are not satisfied with themselves. They always want to be like someone else. They do not value themselves. They look down on themselves. If you are among these people, I am using this medium to tell you that, God values you and is happy about you. God wants you to value … Continue reading

#PWS | Your Mother vs Step-Mother: Who Would You Choose If This Happened to You?

There are some mothers who left their homes, abandoned their husbands with their little kids. After some years when the abandoned child succeeded in life, the mother would then show. Continue reading

#PWS: A Short Touching Story About Love

In the last edition of “Post Worth Sharing (PWS),” you learnt about the importance of love among siblings. In this edition, you will also learn the importance of love between couples. I will be sharing with you a short touching and inspiring story about love. Read and enjoy! A very poor man lived with his … Continue reading

Case Study: Why Mothers Should Not Defend Their Kids

Many children today are spoilt as a result of being over-pampered and defending them from being corrected when they did something wrong. Continue reading

Funny Votes of Thanks: The Funny Speech Ever Given

The funny story for today is about a funny votes of thanks given by a groom. This is a funny speech ever given in a party. Read and enjoy! Continue reading

#PWS: Why My Brother Loves Me Than His Wife

Do you know that the genesis of love is your family? This means that family is the place where love begins. Welcome to another edition of Posts Worth Sharing (PWS). You can read previous editions of #PostsWorthSharing here. Today, I will sharing with you a touching story about love. Read and be inspired: I have … Continue reading

Do You Know That Your Children Are Your Priority?

Is your child your priority or your career? Which one is more important between children and career? These questions are what every parent must answer. Like I said earlier that you should show your child the way to follow. Many are great today but they are not proud of their children in the society. Their … Continue reading

Are You Showing Your Child The Way?

It baffles me seeing the way some parents are careless about the lives of their children. They neither have time for them not to talk of training them in the right way. A Yoruba adage says, “A child that you refuse to build will be the one that will sell the house you built.” When … Continue reading

#PostsWorthSharing: Married in School But Single at Home

Welcome to another edition of Posts Worth Sharing. This is a column featured on Channel of Virtue to educate, enlighten, inform and inspire young people, couples and parents, i.e. the entire family. Today, I will be sharing a post that talks about an issue that concerns me and you. It’s happening on campuses in Nigeria. … Continue reading

Rhesus Factor and Its Effects on Pregnancy: Tips on How to Avoid Miscarriage During Pregnancy

Aside knowing your genotype before marriage, there’s a need for you to know your Rhesus Factor. This is very important most especially to the ladies so that they will be enlightened on one of the causes of miscarriage during pregnancy and how to prevent such case. Rhesus factor incompatibility is a leading cause of miscarriage! … Continue reading

Working Towards Achievement: 6 Encouraging Words That Will Keep You Going

You might get discouraged when you plan to achieve something at a particular time and you are unable to achieve success. If you are not achieving success now doesn’t mean you cannot be successful. I want you to know that you can still make it even if you’ve not achieved your goals. Hence, I will … Continue reading

How to Control Your Emotions and Solve Your Emotional Problems

Many today are having emotional problems and are finding a means of controlling it before it’s beyond control. Emotion can rapidly change the chemistry of a person. This affects the activity of such individual. It creates either happiness or depression as the case may be. Emotion is always immediate and spontaneous. Therefore, emotional problems require … Continue reading

Emotion: How It Should Be Expressed in Making A Happy Home

Emotion occurs suddenly and involuntarily. We do not think of emotion rather we feel emotion. For instance we feel afraid but do not think afraid. So, what is the definition of Emotion? An emotion may be defined as a complex feeling or experience that involves diffuse physiological changes and characterized behaviour patterns. We can also … Continue reading

#PostsWorthSharing: Top Inspiring Posts From Social Media Platforms That Worth Sharing (Culled from Whatsapp Groups)

It is my pleasure to introduce this column, Posts Worth Sharing. This is a section where posts that are found worthy of sharing are published. These are posts from social media platforms and whatsapp groups. The post ranges from articles, stories and prayers that educate, encourage, inform, inspire and motivate. The purpose of this is … Continue reading

Fascinating Facts Everyone Should Know About Love

There are different sorts of love involved in life. Not everyone experience the same. Few people consider love as a special feeling felt when you meet the correct one for you. While some take love as decision which comes later on when you have appreciated that special somebody in your life. What is Love? How … Continue reading

TGV 14: How To Achieve Your Dream Through Personal Development

Welcome to another edition of The Great Value Show with Olabode Adediya. The episode is all about how to develop yourself towards achieving success this year. There are times you plan but find it difficult to achieve success. That is, you could not get the desired results due to some personal reasons. This episode of … Continue reading

Huray! Channel of Virtue is 5 Today

It worths celebration as CHANNEL OF VIRTUE clocks 5 today 8th February, 2018. I give God the glory for the journey so far. Success is a journey and we are achieving it everyday. Despite the challenges, you still standby. I appreciate you all and I am saying ‘Thank you’ for the support so far in … Continue reading

Relationship Tips For Singles: Questions You Asked Before Choosing A Life Partner

“You do not prepare for wedding, you prepare for marriage.” – Bishop Oyedepo Ladies these days get so motivated when they attend wedding and they will quickly want to say yes to that guy. Wait!!! It is not just the wedding. The wedding is just one day. After the wedding WHAT NEXT? It is not … Continue reading

TGV13: Your Vision For The Year

Welcome to the 13th episode of The Great Value Show. In this episode, I will be talking about: Your Vision For The Year. How To Achieve Success This Year. Ways To Achieve Your Goals. Listen to the Podcast: Download the mp3 audio here Audio File Size: 5MB • Duration: 5:20minutes ******* Learn How To … Continue reading

Women’s Corner: Behind Every Successful Man (A Message to the Women)

A great man without a great woman behind him is like a library without books. Women are said to be a good thing for men. “He who finds a wife has found a good thing”. Behind every behind every successful man, there is a strong, wise and hardworking woman. Behind every successful man there is … Continue reading

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