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“I Killed My Wife” | A Short Educative Story For Every Family

Today, I will like to share an educative but inspiring story with you. It will only take just 2 minutes to read this short story! A couple had a misunderstanding and as a result drove in separate cars to church. When they got to church, they sat down together smiling as people complimented them but … Continue reading

Making Your Marriage Work: The Secrets to Revive Your Marriage and Keep it Alive

Many couples today are having one issue or the other concerning their marriage. Some do not feel the love again due to the emptiness they are experiencing. Based on some things I observed, there are some virtues you need to possess in order to make your marriage work. It takes great commitment to make a … Continue reading

Family Vs Social Media: How Do You Spend Your Time?

If care is not taken, the time spent on social media and TV can affect the time given to the family. It is so important to intentionally develop our family relationships. These types of deliberate actions begin when we teach and model a healthy interaction with our family members. Kids enjoy family time when parents … Continue reading

Money Making Ideas For Every Family: A Catalyst For Family Finance

Everyone wants to make money. Everyday we strive in one way or the other to make money. Some do not know the meaning of money. What is money? Money is simply an exchangeable value. Money is value. What are your orientation about money? I mean you and money. How do you see yourself and money? … Continue reading

The Words That Will Transform Your Home, Marriage And Relationship

How will you feel when you give your child a gift and as he/she collects it without any appreciation leave your presence? How will you feel when your partner ask you to do something by commanding? Or you are offended and the other party cannot apologize nor to pronounce the word, ‘Sorry’? There are some … Continue reading

From Our Reader: “My Father’s Youngest Wife Who Is Two Years Younger Than Me Is In Love With Me, What Can I Do?” Says A Man Who Need Your Candid Advice.

Here is his story: “My father’s last wife called me two weeks ago to come to her house. I went there immediately with no delay but on getting to her house I met her dressed in a very romantic dress. She told me that she she married my father not because of love but because … Continue reading

Extraordinary Marriage: Finding Your Way When Marriage Grows Weary

Couples who had married were reflecting on their years together, the wife turned to her husband and tenderly said, “I’m proud of you.” The husband, who was a bit hard of hearing, looked at his wife and replied, “Well, I’m tired of you too!” Whether they’ve married a few years or many, sometimes couples grow … Continue reading

Question Of The Day: When Marriage Grows Weary What Will You Do?

Have you been told words like: “I’m Tired Of You!” “I Don’t Think We Can Continue” or some other words you could think of when your home is disturbed or frustrated? Kindly Leave Your Comment As Reply To This Question. Please note that others will learn from you answers. Therefore, your response to this question … Continue reading

Make Your Marriage To Become Extraordinary: Fire Up Your Words!

Words, as we all know have a lot to do in your marriage. It now depends on how you use it. Previously, I asked this question: How Has Your Marriage Or Family Tackled And Survived The Unexpected? Today, I will encourage you that no matter the challenges, you need to encourage each other. Your words … Continue reading

Couples Connection: Make Love A Priority #

In my previous post on Make Love A Priority, it was stated that if you love God, you must do His will as commanded. This principle is also applied in marriage. Thus, a wife needs to understand the same thing about her husband. Your husband will know you love him when you give him your … Continue reading

Couples Connection: Make Love A Priority

Many people say they love God first but give little time and attention to their relationship with Him. Do you really believe God is satisfied or fooled by lip service? Jesus said in John 14:15, “If you love me, you will obey what I command” (NIV). If we neglect His commandments and them tell Him … Continue reading

7 Compulsory Assignment For You To Make A Happy Home

In addition to 15 Keys To Happiness In Marriage, I will also like to mention these compulsory assignment for every couple who want to make a happy home. I will only point out these briefly. These include: 1. Talk together: These will build up your relationship as your communication skills is improved. But don’t be … Continue reading

15 Keys To Happiness In Marriage

There are some things you need to know in order to build a happy home. This will help you to enrich your home and nourish your family life. There are 15 keys for happiness in marriage which I am going to share with you briefly. If you are not enjoying your marriage or everything looks … Continue reading

Healthy Living Tips For Pregnant Women: How Drugs Can Affect Your Baby During Pregnancy

Drug use not prescribed by your doctors during can affect both the foetus and the baby. Most drugs cross the placenta (the organ that provides nourishment to the foetus). Some can cause direct toxic (poisonous) effects and drug dependency in the foetus. After birth, some drugs can be passed to the baby through breast-feeding. Drugs … Continue reading

Healthy Living Tips During Pregnancy: Do You Know That What You Eat Can Affect Your Baby?

I observed that the percentage of babies having health issues is rising instead of it to reduce. Then in the ancient days, our mothers are not having all these diseases that are occurring now. Are we now saying we are in civilized world and use our lifestyles to affect the coming generations. Why? It disturbs … Continue reading

My Pregnant Wife Dealt With My Mum Brutally – I Need Your Advice On What I Should Do?

Let us take a look at this issue in a family: “I left home happily this Morning for Office with everything in perfect shape only to come back home with my Mum Face Swollen seriously and Red… I met my Wife lying down on the Floor helplessly… I was confused, and finally called a Friend … Continue reading

Should I Tell Him That I Don’t Deserve It » Please I Need Your Advice

Dear Channel Of Virtue Readers, My fiancé loves me so much that he is always proud of me. He thought that I am loyal to him and trustworthy since we’ve met which I never deserve due to a what I have done in the past. One thing that disturbs me always is that, I have … Continue reading

Security Tips For The Entire Family

Concerning the security tips discussed earlier, I am going to mention some security tips which is a must for every parent to know and teach their children. These tips are as follow: 1. Teach your children never to admit strangers into the home. 2. Teach your children local emergency phone numbers (e.g. Lagos-112 and 767) … Continue reading

Do You Have Time For Your Children?

I observed that some parents today do not have time for their children at home. Some children are corrupted and even lack some manners because they are not well-trained. Some kids are left with teachers for training. What about if such teacher also falls into this category of someone that lack parental care? Therefore, this … Continue reading

Who Is The Most Loyal At Home- Husband or Wife?

According to what you’ve observed in various family issues, who will you choose? Is it the husband or the wife that is always loyal? Please reply via comments below with your own opinions. Thanks

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