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#PostsWorthSharing: Campus Couples: Married in School But Single at Home

Welcome to another edition of Posts Worth Sharing. This is a column featured on Channel of Virtue to educate, enlighten, inform and inspire young people, couples and parents, i.e. the entire family. Today, I will be sharing a post that talks about an issue that concerns me and you. It’s happening on campuses in Nigeria. … Continue reading

#PostsWorthSharing: Top Inspiring Posts From Social Media Platforms That Worth Sharing (Culled from Whatsapp Groups)

It is my pleasure to introduce this column, Posts Worth Sharing. This is a section where posts that are found worthy of sharing are published. These are posts from social media platforms and whatsapp groups. The post ranges from articles, stories and prayers that educate, encourage, inform, inspire and motivate. The purpose of this is … Continue reading

TGV 14: How To Achieve Your Dream Through Personal Development

Welcome to another edition of The Great Value Show with Olabode Adediya. The episode is all about how to develop yourself towards achieving success this year. There are times you plan but find it difficult to achieve success. That is, you could not get the desired results due to some personal reasons. This episode of … Continue reading

Huray! Channel of Virtue is 5 Today

It worths celebration as CHANNEL OF VIRTUE clocks 5 today 8th February, 2018. I give God the glory for the journey so far. Success is a journey and we are achieving it everyday. Despite the challenges, you still standby. I appreciate you all and I am saying ‘Thank you’ for the support so far in … Continue reading

TGV13: Your Vision For The Year

Welcome to the 13th episode of The Great Value Show. In this episode, I will be talking about: Your Vision For The Year. How To Achieve Success This Year. Ways To Achieve Your Goals. Listen to the Podcast: Download the mp3 audio here Audio File Size: 5MB • Duration: 5:20minutes ******* Learn How To … Continue reading

Welcome to Year 2018: Happy New Year!!!

It’s a new year! Welcome to year 2018!  I am using this medium to wish you a prosperous and peaceful new year full of joy, favour and honour. May this year be your year. The grace of God will be sufficient for you this year. May you never lack good things and may you never … Continue reading

Celebrate But Appreciate | The Great Value Show (Episode 12)

Welcome to episode 12 of your weekly inspirational talk show, THE GREAT VALUE SHOW with Olabode Adediya. This episode of TGV Show is all about appreciating God while celebrating. This special edition is dedicated to acknowledge the almighty God who have been our God from January to December. This is the last episode for the … Continue reading

The Invitation Card | A Short Funny Story

Do you that a little mistake can cause a great problem? BCH have a short funny story for you. Enjoy! A printer was asked to put 1 John 4:18 on a wedding card but he made a mistake by not including the “1” before John so he printed John 4:18. 1 John 4:18 says, “There … Continue reading

SIN DETECTOR | The Great Value Show (Episode 11)

Welcome to episode 11 of your weekly inspirational talk show, THE GREAT VALUE SHOW with Olabode Adediya. This episode of TGV Show is all about conscience and how it will help you live a successful life. Watch the video below: Download [Audio File Size: 1.5MB • Duration: 1:45minutes] | Play Online | Watch Video reading

Repentance: What Does It Means To Repent? | The Great Value Show (Episode 10)

Welcome to episode 10 of your weekly inspirational talk show, THE GREAT VALUE SHOW with Olabode Adediya. What does it means to repent? That’s the topic for this episode. This episode of TGV Show is all about repentance. Watch the video below: Download [Audio File Size: 2.4MB • Duration: 2:40minutes] | Play Online | Watch … Continue reading

The Power in Laughter | Bodjetstar Comedy House (BCH)

Too many people have forgotten the tremendous healing power of laughter (Noel Jones).

Laughter lowers blood pressure and decrease heart strain (Oprah Winfrey). Continue reading

Are You Worried? Find Out The Best Solutions Here! | The Great Value Show (Episode 5)

Why Are You Worried? That’s the question answered in this episode of The Great Value Show. The Great Value Show is an inspirational talk show dedicated to add values to lives. It helps you to stay motivated and achieve greatness. This episode helps in giving insights on what you need to do to avoid worries. … Continue reading

Questions You Ask Yourself Before You Start A Blog: The Secret Towards Successful Blog Plan

Everyone wants to have a successful blog. Creating a successful blog requires a strategic plan which you can use as a blueprint when challenges arise.
I believe proper planning will help you to achieve success. Therefore, I will be sharing some of what you need to know before you start blogging.
In this article, you will find questions that highlight how you can plan your blog in order to remain active. Continue reading

How To Deal With Anger In Marriage Before It Deals With Your Marriage! | Recommended Guide

Anger needs to be dealt with in before it deals with you.  How can you deal with anger? What are the practical solutions to anger in marriage? The answers to your questions are already answered.  Today, I want to share some links which I know will help you in resolving the issue of anger in … Continue reading

Dano Skimmed Milk | A Perfect Milk That Maintain Your Fitness

Do you want to maintain your body posture? Do you know that what you are what you eat? Moreover, men do like seeing their wives physically fit. Why the ‘biggy’ wants a normal weight. Therefore, I am introducing the milk that will help you to maintain your physique without any ‘wahala‘ Today, I will give some … Continue reading

Happy International Women’s Day: Channel of Virtue Magazine is Celebrating All Women 

Every woman needs to be celebrated. Today is the international women’s day celebration. But we’re celebrate our women this week because they are known to be women of virtue.

Are you a woman of virtue? If YES, You are in the right place as I celebrate you this day with these positive affirmations to boost your esteem as a woman….. Continue reading

Valentine Day: How Will You Spend It With Your Spouse?

We celebrate this yearly, what are your plans for this year’s Valentine Day? I will like to have your opinions.

Thanks Be To God Almighty: Channel of   Virtue is 4 Today!

I am using this medium to say a big thank you to all my readers, subscribers and followers. First time visitors are not left out, I appreciate you all. 

Promote Your Brands and Products Free on Channel of Virtue |The Nigeria’s No. 1 Family and Parenting Online Magazine

As we celebrate our 4th Year Anniversary in this month, we are giving back to our dear loyal readers and guests to promote their business, products or brands for Free within this month of February 2017.  For more information visit our CONTACT page and use the form provided. You can also see the video below:

Channel of Virtue: Nigeria’s No. 1 Online Family and Parenting Magazine is 4!!!

Small doesn’t mean useless, it only means you can become big.Hello! Good day to you my dear readers and followers. This month of February marks the 4th year of creating this site. I created this site and started publishing on 8th of February, 2013 with just few articles. Gradually, it began to have followers and … Continue reading

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