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What Every Mother Should Understand About Raising A Girl Child

Your daughter is not just a little girl. Every girl child posseses the quality of a mother right from tender age. Do you know that most female children at a tender age love acting like a mother? They can mix leaves and other things to make soup when playing with their friends? They even make … Continue reading

Celebrating The Women: International Women’s Day Celebration

It’s International Women’s Day Celebration I celebrate all the women who have been a source of inspiration to their children. I celebrate all the women who have been a channel of virtue to their children. I celebrate all the women who believe that they are men carrying womb (womb-men) who never rely only on their … Continue reading

How to Praise Children

Some people say that it is impossible to give your child too much praise. Others claim that constant praise will spoil your child and make him feel entitled, as if the world owed him something. Besides how much you praise your child, you also have to consider the kind of praise you offer. Which type … Continue reading

Pray First

Sometimes, we would have done what we feel right and forgot to pray for God’s direction. But when we couldn’t succeed at it, we fall back to God in prayer. There are some parents who have confidence in their children thinking they will succeed because they are very intelligent not knowing that the race is … Continue reading

The Types of Prayers That Get Answers

There are many different kinds of prayer. Let’s look at some of them and see what we can learn: THE PRAYER OF SURRENDER A prayer the gets you submitted unto the Lord. It makes you submitted unto God’s will for your life. A prayer of humility. A prayer of repentance. You voluntarily decide to follow … Continue reading

Power-Packed Prayers for Every Family Going Through Difficulties Right Now

It’s a new month, today being the first day of July 2018. This is the beginning of the second half of the year. There are some families going through difficulties right now since the beginning of the year and such should not continue in this second half of the year. This is the month of … Continue reading

The Five Hundred Naira Note – A Short Inspiring Story | #PWS

It happened some time ago but I was in an audience listening to a motivational speaker. The speaker brought out his wallet and pulled out a N500 note. Holding it up, he asked, “Who wants this five hundred naira note?” Lots of hands went up. Including mine. A slow chorus began to build as people … Continue reading

Diligence: The Key to Achieve Success

Diligence is the ability to exercise persistence and determination to ensure excellence in any endeavour. It is giving the degree of care that is required in a given situation. The two key elements of diligence are commitment and perseverance. You are diligent when you employ commitment and perseverance into transforming vision into reality. God expects … Continue reading

Love Others as They Are

The best thing is to see others the way God sees them and love them the way they are. Some people believe anyone who is not like them has a problem. They thought they can change other people or get them to measure up to their standards. You really can’t change anybody except God sent … Continue reading

Unique Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

I observed that most of our youths struggle with uncertainties about their appearance and their abilities, as well as how they measure up to others. Is it the faults of their parents or perhaps, peer pressure? Can we say it’s their backgrounds? Here’s what some of them said: “My weaknesses makes me to feel down. … Continue reading

Power of Words: Why You Must Sow The Right Words Into Your Life

Words are so powerful than what you think. The tongue is a powerful tool for utterances. That’s is why the security God gave the tongue is to help us control our tongues. You have your teeth and lips as guards for your tongue. Words are like rain that falls in order to make the earth … Continue reading

Self Improvement Tips: Be Yourself [Others Have Been Taken]

There are people who are not satisfied with themselves. They always want to be like someone else. They do not value themselves. They look down on themselves. If you are among these people, I am using this medium to tell you that, God values you and is happy about you. God wants you to value … Continue reading

Working Towards Achievement: 6 Encouraging Words That Will Keep You Going

You might get discouraged when you plan to achieve something at a particular time and you are unable to achieve success. If you are not achieving success now doesn’t mean you cannot be successful. I want you to know that you can still make it even if you’ve not achieved your goals. Hence, I will … Continue reading

Relationship Tips For Singles: Questions You Asked Before Choosing A Life Partner

“You do not prepare for wedding, you prepare for marriage.” – Bishop Oyedepo Ladies these days get so motivated when they attend wedding and they will quickly want to say yes to that guy. Wait!!! It is not just the wedding. The wedding is just one day. After the wedding WHAT NEXT? It is not … Continue reading

Relationship Tips For Singles: 3 Things You Must Know Before Choosing A Life Partner

How prepared are you before the final conclusion that makes you think, “I am ready for marriage!” There are things you need to understand about marriage while you are still single.  I remember the time I was given jungle boots and a pair of tennis shoes at the NYSC Orientation Camp. The jungle boots was … Continue reading

Merry Christmas

I am using this medium to wish you Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance. I really appreciate you all for being here. Thanks to all my followers and guests.  I give all glory to the Almighty God who have been the source of my inspiration so far. May the Lord grant you … Continue reading

Secrets of Winning Without Struggling (Part 2) | The Great Value Show (Episode 9)

Do you know that it’s not just about hardwork alone but smartwork embedded with wisdom, knowledge and understanding that will make you succeed in life without struggling? There are two great secrets that you have to know in order to achieve greatness in life. What are they? Find out in this episode of the great value show. Continue reading

Can You Answer These 10 Questions?

This a compilation of questions from my previous posts which I will like you to answer. Question Of The Day: When Marriage Grows Weary What Will You Do? What Is Your Impact In People’s Life? Anger: Can It Be Controlled In Marriage? | What Is Your Own Opinion? Your Children Vs Social Media: Which Is … Continue reading

Secrets of Winning A Competition without Struggling (Part 1) | The Great Value Show (Episode 8)

There are secrets of winning without struggling. What are the secrets? This edition of The Great Value Show share more insights on the topic. Continue reading

Make Everyday Count | The Great Value Show (Episode 7)

Each day has a purpose that needs to be fulfilled. God made each day to count during creations. At the last day HE was fulfilled. To stay fulfilled in life, you need to make you days count. You are alive for a purpose to be fulfilled. Therefore, you have to make everyday count in order … Continue reading


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