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Don’t Worry, It Is Settled

This situation of the economy makes some parents to be worried about the means of taking care of their children because of their financial challenges. Taking care of their children’s financial needs such as school fees and others is bothering their hearts as we know that the children are on vacation presently.  Buying will be … Continue reading

Be Inspired With This Video 

I talked about having a quiet time with God days ago (click here to read it). Today I will like you to watch this short video within 2mins.  

Be Inspired: Your Quiet Time With God (Building the Relationship & Closing The Gap) 

Every one tries to build a solid relationships with  friends and loved ones daily. Are you also building a stronger relationship with God who knows you more than anyone else in this world. We are in a new month, being the month of perfection. Things will be perfect if you move closer with the only … Continue reading

What is Your Vision For The Year?

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18 KJV I believe you know that “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So I will like to ask you this question: “What are you planning to do with this New Year? What you set your heart on will determine how you spend your … Continue reading

Be Inspired: Stay Focused And Move Forward

This is a short piece of advice to inspire and motivate you. Keep your eyes fixed on where you are going. Do not look down nor look back. Where your head goes is where your body goes too. If you look down on yourself or look back not focusing on the future, there is a … Continue reading

Thanks For Nominating Channel Of Virtue In The Nigerian Blog Awards 2014.

Congratulation! Channel of Virtue is nominated again in the 2014 Nigerian blog awards as the best family and parenting blog as published on the 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards website. Firstly, I will like to appreciate you all for the nomination. Therefore, the voting has commenced recently. Your VOTES is needed to win this award. Please … Continue reading

Dear COV Reader: Happy New Year!

Dear Reader, I am using this medium to express my profound gratitude and to appreciate you for sparing your time to read my blog. Despite the short but meaningful articles published, you still like it and follow this blog. I want to give God the glory for the inspiration so far. It is not my … Continue reading

It’s A New Month… Happy New Month

I am very sorry for not writing since because of my tight schedule in school. First of all, I am using this medium to wish you all a happy new month. I pray that this month shall be bring you an unexpected and uncommon favour. May you begin to experience the wonders of God in … Continue reading

Happy Children’s Day!

Yesterday Was Children's Day Celebration, I Am Sorry For Not Posting This Yesterday Because Due To Some Personal Reasons. I am using this medium to wish the children a happy celebration. Before I leave, let me share this prayer with every couple seeking for the fruits of the womb that by the power in the … Continue reading

Channel Of Virtue Is One!

Channel Of Virtue Is One Today. What’s Your Opinion And Advice On The Improvement Concerning This Blog?

Confess Positive Things Into The Life Of Your Children

You possess what you confess. What you confess into the life of your children is what you will find possessed in them. Calling your child a good name will improve his/her ability to think better based on the great and positive things that you have said into his/her life. It will bring about inner motivation … Continue reading

Happy New Month To You All: A Month To March Forward Into Progress And Prosperity

It has been a while now that article is posted on this site. I am using this medium to wish you a happy new month. This month shall be the month of progress, prosperity and pronounced success. This Month shall be better than the previous months. Amen! Amen!!

7 Days Countdown To 2014: What Are Your Plans?

My Dear READERS, whether you are old or young, I will like you to state your plans through your reply below. Moreover, as you mention those plans here, so shall it be as GOD will help you fulfill them according to HIS plans for you. In addition, to the plans or goals to be stated … Continue reading

Wishing You A Merry Christmas: Hope You Enjoy Your Time Well With Your Family?

Season’s Greetings To You All! From my readers,guests or visitors to my followers, I wish you all: Complement Of The Season. Glory be to God. If it has not been you who spend time to read what I published over five months now, there won’t be any traffic nor visits even to talk of followers. … Continue reading

Now In December » Happy New Month!!!

I am using this medium to wish all the readers of “Channel Of Virtue” a Happy new month. I am thanking GOD that we all witness this month being the last month of this year. Therefore, we all have reasons to praise and thank the LORD our GOD who has kept us alive from the … Continue reading

Are You Encouraging Your Child Or Not?

Encouraging a child enhance their skills and abilities. It helps them to put more efforts in doing their best all the time. But instead of encouragement, some parents discourage their children and they never know that these can affect their children. For example, let take a look at these reactions of parents of a child … Continue reading

What Comes From Your Mouth To Your Children?

This is a question I want to ask parents today. I observed that some parents do pronounce negative words to their children without knowing that it has effects later in their lives. I want you to know that negative words always come to pass faster than positive words. So, why can’t we avoid such negative … Continue reading

Few Hours Countdown To July: What’s Your Achievement So Far?

Very soon, we’ll be wishing one another,”HAPPY NEW MONTH” That’s why I asked, “What’s your achievement so far?” I want you to know that you can still make it even if you’ve not achieved your goals. Don’t wait for a perfect timing because you might not achieve anything until you start now with what you … Continue reading

Who is GOD to you?

This is a simple question which I will like everyone to answer in the space provided for comments below. But before you do that let me give you some clues of who my God who created me is: HE is the Alpha and Omega. Tthe Lion of Judah. The Greatest Teacher of all teachers. The … Continue reading

Tips: 5 Wonderful Vitamins For Friendship

Do you have a true friend? I want you to know that, those you choose or call best friends have someone else they choose as best friend apart from you. So take note as i am going to share some quotes that will help you to know a true friend. This will help you build … Continue reading

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