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Merry Christmas

I am using this medium to wish you Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance. I really appreciate you all for being here. Thanks to all my followers and guests.  I give all glory to the Almighty God who have been the source of my inspiration so far. May the Lord grant you … Continue reading

Secrets of Winning Without Struggling (Part 2) | The Great Value Show (Episode 9)

Do you know that it’s not just about hardwork alone but smartwork embedded with wisdom, knowledge and understanding that will make you succeed in life without struggling? There are two great secrets that you have to know in order to achieve greatness in life. What are they? Find out in this episode of the great value show. Continue reading

Secrets of Winning A Competition without Struggling (Part 1) | The Great Value Show (Episode 8)

There are secrets of winning without struggling. What are the secrets? This edition of The Great Value Show share more insights on the topic. Continue reading

Make Everyday Count | The Great Value Show (Episode 7)

Each day has a purpose that needs to be fulfilled. God made each day to count during creations. At the last day HE was fulfilled. To stay fulfilled in life, you need to make you days count. You are alive for a purpose to be fulfilled. Therefore, you have to make everyday count in order … Continue reading

How To Confront Your Fears and Live Fearlessly | The Great Value Show (Episode 6)

Are you having this challenge on how to confront your fears? Do you want to know how to confront your fears and deal with it? Do you want to live a fearless life in order to achieve greatness? In this episode of The Great Value Show, you will learn how to live fearlessly by confronting … Continue reading

The Great Value Show: Updates on Previous Episodes

I am using this to introduce my podcast and vodcast, The Great Value Show. This is a weekly inspirational talk show dedicated to add values to lives in order to achieve greatness. The video is hosted on YouTube via Bodjetstar TV. The Great Value Show (Episode 4) God sees you working behind the scenes everyday. … Continue reading

Self Improvement Tips: 5 Productivity Tips That Help to Yield Results

Have you been finding a way to be more productive in life? Have you been working on some things which you are expecting to see great results based on your inputs but prove abortive? Have you been working so hard that you expect to see great returns but disappointed at the end. Don’t be discouraged. … Continue reading

Inspirational Quotes: 200 Biblical Texts on Wisdom

Exodus 28:3 And thou shalt speak unto all that are wise hearted, whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom, that they may make Aaron’s garments to consecrate him, that he may minister unto me in the priest’s office. Exodus 31:3 And I have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and … Continue reading

The Amazing Donkey in the Well

To every action, there must be equal and opposite reaction. The question is, ‘How do you react to every action life brings you?’ When you are in the trial of life, what do you do? Let me tell you, people are not ready to here your misfortune stories but what you did that they can … Continue reading

October 1st: Happy Independence Day in Nigeria

Today being October 1st, I wish every Nigerian happy Independence day celebration. Also, this is the beginning of this new month, i.e the first day of the month of October. I have this short prayer for you: May you experience more of God’s grace and mercy in this month in addition with divine favour attach … Continue reading


I am very sorry for not writing since because of my tight schedule. First of all, I am using this me medium to appreciate you for being here. I am wishing you all a happy new month. We give God the glory for making us alive to witness this new day in a new month. … Continue reading


It’s always easy to say that when you fall, you dust yourself and rise up. Literally, it’s just as ‘easy’ as that. No Hassles. Figuratively, the truth however is that very few people actually rise up. A lot of us stay on the ground, too ashamed to stand up. Some others stand up, but are … Continue reading

IN HIS STEPS: A Short Inspiring Film You Need to Watch

In the presence of God there is fullness of joy. But what will happen when His presence is left, and His steps is missed? What will happen if His presence is not felt again? It is time you need to come back to God and allow Him to direct you. You need God to order … Continue reading

Don’t Worry, It Is Settled

Are you worried about tomorrow? Are you having one challenge or the other that makes you feel unhappy? No matter the problem or the challenges you are facing right now, I am telling you right now that it is settled. Continue reading

Be Inspired With This Video 

I talked about having a quiet time with God days ago (click here to read it). Today I will like you to watch this short video within 2mins.  

Be Inspired: Your Quiet Time With God (Building the Relationship & Closing The Gap)

Every one tries to build a solid relationships with  friends and loved ones daily. Are you also building a stronger relationship with God who knows you more than anyone else in this world. We are in a new month, being the month of perfection. Things will be perfect if you move closer with the only … Continue reading

What is Your Vision For The Year?

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18 KJV I believe you know that “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So I will like to ask you this question: “What are you planning to do with this New Year? What you set your heart on will determine how you spend your … Continue reading

Be Inspired: Stay Focused And Move Forward

This is a short piece of advice to inspire and motivate you. Keep your eyes fixed on where you are going. Do not look down nor look back. Where your head goes is where your body goes too. If you look down on yourself or look back not focusing on the future, there is a … Continue reading

Thanks For Nominating Channel Of Virtue In The Nigerian Blog Awards 2014.

Congratulation! Channel of Virtue is nominated again in the 2014 Nigerian blog awards as the best family and parenting blog as published on the 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards website. Firstly, I will like to appreciate you all for the nomination. Therefore, the voting has commenced recently. Your VOTES is needed to win this award. Please … Continue reading

Dear COV Reader: Happy New Year!

Dear Reader, I am using this medium to express my profound gratitude and to appreciate you for sparing your time to read my blog. Despite the short but meaningful articles published, you still like it and follow this blog. I want to give God the glory for the inspiration so far. It is not my … Continue reading

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