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The Best Way To Spend Your Valentine’s Day with Your Family

In just a few days, February 14th will turn on our calendars once again. This means it’s time to think about celebrating Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day do not have to be about giving bouquets of roses and teddy bears holding hearts alone. At times, all these gifts are often quickly forgotten, but with an impact … Continue reading

Exciting News: My Free Giveaway for 2019 People

My new ebook “Panacea to a Successful Married Life” is officially available for 2019 people to download it free. I am giving it away for free to 2019 people as I have promised earlier on my facebook timeline. This offer will be available till 15th January, 2019. So make sure you get your own copy … Continue reading

ParentsLine: Are You Allowing Your Child or You Are Doing it All Alone?

Some young people are find it difficult to do common house chores like cooking, washing, sweeping etc. They cannot do anything all because they were not trained to do it while growing up. Their parents do everything for them. They never know that it will affect them later in life. There are some that were … Continue reading

Drug Abuse: What Parents Should Know

What is drug abuse? What are the effects of drug abuse that you don’t know? How is overdose affecting our body? Is it good to use drugs above limit for faster relief? This article gives answers to the above questions. What is drug abuse? Drug abuse is simply taking drugs or any chemical substances without … Continue reading

5 Major Types of Maturity That Build Lasting Relationship in Marriage

This topic must have been exhaustively written on or discussed by different experts in many discussion forums. However, for the benefit of all, let me define marriage as MARRY-AT-AGE. This invariably means coming together of matured man and woman consenting to become husband and wife. Maturity in this context is viewed broadly under such headings … Continue reading

The Welfare of Children: 6 Things To Protect Children From

Are you really ensuring the welfare of children? Apart from home, children’s welfare should be protected at all levels – from the federal to local government levels. The way some children are maltreated annoys me at times. Those who maltreated them thought they were doing them bad not knowing that they were doing them good. … Continue reading

A Virgin But Defiled

Girls, especially under 20s, nowadays are living a life that is not worthy of a Godly home. They are already doing what their parents are not aware of. Is it their faults or their parents? Many years ago, parents would mislead their children, most especially the girls, that if they were touched by any male, … Continue reading

Ladies: 15 Ways to Know Your Relationship is for Sex Alone

Most of our young people are sexually active especially the ladies who think sexual intercourse with their partners is a means of showing love. As a lady, Godly relationship should be your priority than engaging in a relationship where you are only taken for granted all in the name of love. Some ladies are being … Continue reading

5 Things to Figure Out BeforeChoosing A Life Partner: Advice for Singles

Are you single and still searching for a future partner? Do you know that no one is perfect if you think that you will find a perfect life partner. Let me tell you this: it’s only God that is perfect. All you have to pray for is the right person that will complement you. The … Continue reading

It’s My Birthday – June 24th

All glory be unto the Lord, for He is worthy of my praise. I am using this medium to celebrate myself and to give thanks to God for adding a year today being June 24th. I appreciate the Almighty God for His love, kindness, support, compassion, grace and mercy upon my life. If I should … Continue reading

Pleasing Religious Leaders to Hurt Your Spouse – Whose Fault?

Nowadays, the issue of religion affects some families whereby the religious leaders are not aware. But today, I will focus on the issue of respect. I observe that it’s common with some women who would give their religious leaders respect that they could not give their husbands at home. For instance, there are some women … Continue reading

5 Healthy Negative Emotions You Must Experience

Emotion is defined as a person’s internal state of being and involuntary physiological response to an object or a situation, based on or tied to physical state and sensory data. There are negative emotions that you must allow because they are healthy. They help in personal development and positive living. Allowing them will help you … Continue reading

Health Benefits of Apple: 12 Reasons Why You Must Eat It Always

Delicious and crunchy, apple is one of the most popular and favourite fruits among the health conscious fitness lovers who firmly believe that health is wealth. This wonderful fruit contains rich phyto-nutrients that, in true sense, indispensable for optimal health. Certain antioxidants in apple have several health promoting and disease prevention properties, and thereby, truly … Continue reading

How to Achieve Financial Discipline: 7 Quick Solutions to Financial Problems

Discipline is a set of rules regulating behaviour. It involves following a code of conduct or systematic plan. It is very important for you to live a successful life. It helps in self control which is a key factor in financial success. Financial discipline is the ability to control your spending and be able to … Continue reading

Are You Showing Your Child The Way?

It baffles me seeing the way some parents are careless about the lives of their children. They neither have time for them not to talk of training them in the right way. A Yoruba adage says, “A child that you refuse to build will be the one that will sell the house you built.” When … Continue reading

Rhesus Factor and Its Effects on Pregnancy: Tips on How to Avoid Miscarriage During Pregnancy

Aside knowing your genotype before marriage, there’s a need for you to know your Rhesus Factor. This is very important most especially to the ladies so that they will be enlightened on one of the causes of miscarriage during pregnancy and how to prevent such case. Rhesus factor incompatibility is a leading cause of miscarriage! … Continue reading

How to Control Your Emotions and Solve Your Emotional Problems

Many today are having emotional problems and are finding a means of controlling it before it’s beyond control. Emotion can rapidly change the chemistry of a person. This affects the activity of such individual. It creates either happiness or depression as the case may be. Emotion is always immediate and spontaneous. Therefore, emotional problems require … Continue reading

Emotion: How It Should Be Expressed in Making A Happy Home

Emotion occurs suddenly and involuntarily. We do not think of emotion rather we feel emotion. For instance we feel afraid but do not think afraid. So, what is the definition of Emotion? An emotion may be defined as a complex feeling or experience that involves diffuse physiological changes and characterized behaviour patterns. We can also … Continue reading

Fascinating Facts Everyone Should Know About Love

There are different sorts of love involved in life. Not everyone experience the same. Few people consider love as a special feeling felt when you meet the correct one for you. While some take love as decision which comes later on when you have appreciated that special somebody in your life. What is Love? How … Continue reading

Home Security Tips: 5 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe While You Are Away

You need to be security conscious while leaving your home. Keeping your home secured is very important while you are away. The following are some security tips that you must observe before leaving home: Secure your home before leaving. Close and lock all windows and doors, garages and gates. Lock all jewellery, important documents, money … Continue reading


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