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Exciting News: My Free Giveaway for 2019 People

My new ebook “Panacea to a Successful Married Life” is officially available for 2019 people to download it free. I am giving it away for free to 2019 people as I have promised earlier on my facebook timeline. This offer will be available till 15th January, 2019. So make sure you get your own copy … Continue reading

eBook: Panacea To A Successful Married Life

Marriage is a journey of life. When things go wrong, there is a remedy for it. Panacea to a successful married life is a life transforming guide that revive the lost glory of a relationship and bring out happy married life. It’s my pleasure to introduce my latest ebook titled, “PANACEA TO A SUCCESSFUL MARRIED … Continue reading

5 Major Types of Maturity That Build Lasting Relationship in Marriage

This topic must have been exhaustively written on or discussed by different experts in many discussion forums. However, for the benefit of all, let me define marriage as MARRY-AT-AGE. This invariably means coming together of matured man and woman consenting to become husband and wife. Maturity in this context is viewed broadly under such headings … Continue reading

Is Respect a Problem in Your Home?

Respect is an attitude of consideration or high regard. In marriage, respect Is one of the major factor for happiness to exist. Respect involves considering and honoring each other. Respectful spouses care about each other, even when there is a disagreement. Instead of talking about conflicts, they listen respectfully to their spouses’ perspectives and they … Continue reading

Secrets of Commitment: How to Fix It Quick with Your Spouse

We hear a lot about what goes wrong in families that fails. But what is right in those that succeed? Some couples who don’t understand what it takes to make a successful family thought divorce is the best. They don’t know that this can affect the lives of their children. In most cases, they lack … Continue reading

How to Communicate with Your Spouse without Arguing

In marriage, disagreements are inevitable. No matter how peaceful a home is, situation that can cause argument can occur. The way you handle it really matter. Young people are affected by their parents’ arguments. This is an issue of concern, since your marriage is, in effect, a model that your children are likely to follow … Continue reading

Marry Your Mate: 6 Kinds of Mates You Must Marry

This article is worth sharing and I believe you will learn from this post that worth sharing. 6 MATES YOU MUST MARRY One of the ways your marriage will not add to the rate of divorce in our world today is for you to marry your mate and if you are married already, make your … Continue reading

7 Secrets to Save Your Marriage From Destruction

There are some people who seek advice from the wrong person who they thought will guide them. They never know that they are being deceived in order to destroy their marriage. Do you know that, it’s not everyone you see around you that love the way your marriage is peaceful? Like I said in my … Continue reading

7 Ways to Sustain Happiness in Marriage

When there is no happiness in marriage, you cannot enjoy it. You keep hurting yourself and those around you. The more you keep doing that, you are adding more salt to your injury. It is better for you to find the solution to it than nurturing bitterness in your heart. Providing the right solution is … Continue reading

How to Sustain Happiness in Marriage: 5 Destructive Habits You Must Avoid

Happiness is one of the important things in life. It leads to excitement and joy. It is an emotion of being happy. Happiness contributes to your well-being. It leads to contentment, comfort and peace. If you lack this, then you need to check yourself and know what to do. Many are not feeling that happiness … Continue reading

#PWS: A Short Touching Story About Love

In the last edition of “Post Worth Sharing (PWS),” you learnt about the importance of love among siblings. In this edition, you will also learn the importance of love between couples. I will be sharing with you a short touching and inspiring story about love. Read and enjoy! A very poor man lived with his … Continue reading

Women’s Corner: Behind Every Successful Man (A Message to the Women)

A great man without a great woman behind him is like a library without books. Women are said to be a good thing for men. “He who finds a wife has found a good thing”. Behind every behind every successful man, there is a strong, wise and hardworking woman. Behind every successful man there is … Continue reading

Tips For Successful Marriage: 9 Practical Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage Quickly

Everyone wants to build a successful marriage. This requires the grace of God and wisdom. Everyday we hear different kinds of news on marriage failure. The rate of divorce is increasing. The worst is the tragedy that occurs leading to death. I heard of a wife that stabbed her husband to death just because of … Continue reading

Want To Discuss A Problem with Your Spouse? Here are 8 Things You Need To Do

Marriage is like a journey that presents different kinds of surprises. It might be pleasant or painful. Nevertheless, you can make this journey successful depending on how you deal with those ups and downs.Therefore, one of the most essential skills in marriage is the ability to resolve disagreements in a loving way.
Continue reading

Question For Today: Can You Have A Joint Account with Your Spouse? What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Account in Marriage?

The issue of finance in marriage is very important. If care is not taken, you will blame yourself for taking wrong decisions. Joint account in marriage has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are lots of case studies whereby the end results of joint account is negative (let me put it that way). Today I … Continue reading

Marriage Software: The Latest Software Married Men Must Have!

This is a funny but enlightening article submitted by a guest on a whatsapp group that I know will help everyone in marriage. This is a secret to unlock happiness and love in your marriage. This software will wipe out every virus on your system and protect your marriage from the so called Trojans. Enjoy … Continue reading

How To Deal With Anger In Marriage Before It Deals With Your Marriage! | Recommended Guide

Anger needs to be dealt with in before it deals with you.  How can you deal with anger? What are the practical solutions to anger in marriage? The answers to your questions are already answered.  Today, I want to share some links which I know will help you in resolving the issue of anger in … Continue reading

Anger: Can It Be Controlled In Marriage? | What Is Your Own Opinion?

In 2009, a study revealed that spousal anger is a contributing factor to depressive illness in the other spouse.  “The more hostile and anti-social behavior exhibited, the more depressed the spouses were after three years.” (Proulx C. et al., 2009). Many homes are destroyed today by that little thing called “anger”.  This little thing either control … Continue reading

“I Killed My Wife” | A Short Educative Story For Every Family

Today, I will like to share an educative but inspiring story with you. It will only take just 2 minutes to read this short story! A couple had a misunderstanding and as a result drove in separate cars to church. When they got to church, they sat down together smiling as people complimented them but … Continue reading

Extraordinary Marriage: 3 Great Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage

A couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary was asked the secret to their success. The husband replied, “The day we got married we agreed that if an argument arose, I would go out and stand on the porch until I cooled off. And it worked like a charm, 50 years of being outdoors in all … Continue reading


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