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Being The Best Father: Dad, Show Your Children You Love Them 

Majority of dads today have no time for their children. I discovered that it’s only the mothers that always have time for children than the fathers. Fathers why now?  There was a time I asked one of my students, “Who do you love more between your dad and mum?” “My mum,” he replied, “because she’s … Continue reading

Your Children Vs Social Media: Which Is More Important?

Some parents spend some much time on social media to the extent that they have no time for their children. Spending more time with your children will help to build a lasting relationship than neglecting them. You can also learn how to allow yourselves into your children’s space in a natural and refined manner. If … Continue reading

The Most Important Skill You Can Teach Your Children

Good decision is a key to a happy life. But good decision making is not a skill some of us are naturally blessed with, while poor decision making is a handicap others are born with. Courage, education, or the ageing process doesn’t automatically produce better decision makers. Spending time with good decision makers is wise, … Continue reading

Happy Valentine!

Wishing you all a happy valentine day! I will like you to gist me how you are going to spend your day with your spouse.

Parent Line: Motivating Your Children Can Change Their Attitudes

Many children lack the encouragement they need in order to perform better academically. Many of these children lack parental care and the motivation is not there since they are missing it. Let’s take a look at this as a case study: A woman was assisting her little child in doing his assignment. Suddenly she hits … Continue reading

The Words That Will Transform Your Home, Marriage And Relationship

How will you feel when you give your child a gift and as he/she collects it without any appreciation leave your presence? How will you feel when your partner ask you to do something by commanding? Or you are offended and the other party cannot apologize nor to pronounce the word, ‘Sorry’? There are some … Continue reading

Nigerian Blog Awards 2014 Nomination!!!

Hello Everyone, The 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards is here again! Please, Nominate “” under the Best family/parenting category at Remember to confirm the email replied to you for the nominations to count. Thank you all!

The Importance Of Praise From Parents

We always say,”for every successful man, behind him is a woman and vice versa”. Likewise, for every successful child, there is a parent. Encouraging your children always have a great effect in their lives. Praising your children when they do something to be proud go a long way in their lives. You praise children for … Continue reading

What Is Wrong Is Wrong! Why Should A Woman Abuse Her Husband In Public?

It is a shameful thing for a woman to embrass her husband in public. If it has not been happening in their closet, it wouldn’t be shown publicly. What brought up this issue? It was early Sunday morning, when a little child came out to meet his father, “Daddy!” he called, “My mummy said I … Continue reading

Do You Want To Nurture The Heart And Soul Of Your Family? We Can Help!

Subscribe to Family Channel Of Virtue today and have our latest posts directly in your email inbox. This is easy. All you have to do is to enter your email address in the provided box at the sidebar and footer area and click "follow" while wordpress users can directly click on the "Follow" button and … Continue reading

Choosing Life Partner: Is It Right For Parents To Choose For Their Children In Terms Of Future Partner?

I listened to a talk show on radio few days ago on this topic, “Is It Good For Parents To Choose Whom To Marry For Their Children?” Some of the comments from the callers are: ~ parents should choose and have full knowledge of such spouse. ~ parents choose make a thorough research to help … Continue reading

Nurture Your Child’s Vision!

The Word of God says, “….your sons and daughters shall prophesy,…young men shall see visions” (Joel 2:28). When I see children with visions of doing something big for God, I only count on their parents who can help them to nurture their dreams and visions. Parents, don’t discourage your children from achieving what they ought … Continue reading

If Your Little Kid Ask: “What Is Sex?”

This is another case study on sexual education. Most parents think that there children are still small for this not knowing that these kids know a lot. Failure to educate your child will make him/her to learn it from the wrong source. You might think, “ehm! she’s still small for that” Let me tell you, … Continue reading

Question People Asked: Is It Advisable To Enroll All Your Children In A School Or You Should Let Them Be In Different Schools?

People will give various opinions concerning this question based on what they have heard or experienced. Note that this is a case study so that it won’t look useless to you. There are advantages and disadvantages of either enrolling your kids in the same school or different schools, but before you give your own opinions, … Continue reading

If You Were Told To Save Only One, Who Will You Chose?

This is a common thing we do say or ask ourselves sometimes. Let us now give our view on this: If you were to save just only one person from a dangerous event like fire outbreak or any other accidents you could think of, who is the only person that you will save? Is It … Continue reading

People’s Comments On: “My 6 Months Pregnant Wife Dealt With My Mum Brutally – What Should I Do?”

Some comments from the story source are: *Ur mum is @ fault, but as d man, try 2 calm ur wife so dat she can beg ur mum, and everytin b resolved#peace. *Mmm..Apologis to ur mum no mata wat, she is still ur mum. *Ur mum is at fault, jus do sorry to ur wife … Continue reading

Etiquette: How To Raise Children With Good Table Manners

Don’t underestimate the importance of good manners. Your children will grow up to be more considerate of others if you teach them how to be that way when they are young. You can do that by setting a good example. You must always say “please” and “thank you” to your kids. Even when you are … Continue reading

Best Ways To Get Your Children Listen To You #4: Do Not Yell

Yelling is the worst way to communicate. Here is a guarantee: When you yell at your kids, they are not listening to a thing that you are saying. All they are doing is sitting there teary-eyed and upset because you are yelling or they are getting angry themselves. Your point is lost, they are upset, … Continue reading

Best Ways To Get Your Children Listen To You #3: Use Simple Words

As adults, parents sometimes are brave enough to say, "What exactly does that mean?" They do this hoping they don't sound too much. Kids, on the other hand, will smile at you, and nod, or better yet, stare at you with blank looks on their faces. Here are some real-life comparisons of interpretations from your … Continue reading

Best Ways To Get Your Children Listen To You #2: Get Them Down To Your Level

When you really want your kids to hear you when you talk, physically get down to their level. If you can't squat, pick them up and put them on your lap. Look them right in the eyes, speak calmly and slowly, and say what you have to say. Don't be vague or babble and don't … Continue reading

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