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How to Praise Children

Some people say that it is impossible to give your child too much praise. Others claim that constant praise will spoil your child and make him feel entitled, as if the world owed him something. Besides how much you praise your child, you also have to consider the kind of praise you offer. Which type … Continue reading

The Welfare of Children: 6 Things To Protect Children From

Are you really ensuring the welfare of children? Apart from home, children’s welfare should be protected at all levels – from the federal to local government levels. The way some children are maltreated annoys me at times. Those who maltreated them thought they were doing them bad not knowing that they were doing them good. … Continue reading

A Virgin But Defiled

Girls, especially under 20s, nowadays are living a life that is not worthy of a Godly home. They are already doing what their parents are not aware of. Is it their faults or their parents? Many years ago, parents would mislead their children, most especially the girls, that if they were touched by any male, … Continue reading

How to Communicate with Your Children without Argument

Children are affected by their parents’ arguments. This is an issue of concern, since you are a role model that your children are likely to follow if they marry. Why not find a way to effectively communicate with your child without arguing every time? Moreover, there are problems that cause disagreement between parents and children. … Continue reading

Effective Communication with Children: Tips on How to Get Your Kids Listen to You

How can you communicate effectively with your children? How can you get them listen to you? Is your child so stubborn that you find it difficult to talk to him or her? Do you find it difficult to express yourself before your children? I know that all fingers are not equal. Not all your children … Continue reading


When a home is on fire, the children are not in a pleasant mood. This is as a result of everyday fights and commotions at home. Does it means that those parents involved in this act never know that it affects their children in so many ways? There was a little boy, about 9 years … Continue reading

Case Study: Why Mothers Should Not Defend Their Kids

Many children today are spoilt as a result of being over-pampered and defending them from being corrected when they did something wrong. Continue reading

Do You Know That Your Children Are Your Priority?

Is your child your priority or your career? Which one is more important between children and career? These questions are what every parent must answer. Like I said earlier that you should show your child the way to follow. Many are great today but they are not proud of their children in the society. Their … Continue reading

Are You Showing Your Child The Way?

It baffles me seeing the way some parents are careless about the lives of their children. They neither have time for them not to talk of training them in the right way. A Yoruba adage says, “A child that you refuse to build will be the one that will sell the house you built.” When … Continue reading

Security Tips For Children: 8 Vital Security Measures Parents Must Teach Their Children

Parents need to teach their children some security measures to take because of what’s happening nowadays. Below are some of some vital security tips for children: Teach your children never to admit strangers into the home. Teach your children to call the local emergency phone number when there is a need for it. Lagos state … Continue reading

Top 20 Nigerian Motherhood Blogs

There is a need to appreciate other Nigerian bloggers of related niche. I mean to celebrate their efforts in taking their time to bless lives. Therefore, I have decided to list other Nigerian blogs that focused on family, parenting or the journey to become a parent. Note: The list is not in any other of … Continue reading

What Your Child Deserves: 6 Great Things That Your Children Deserve From You

Your children are a gift from God. They deserve certain things from you. The principles you live by and the blessings you enjoy are meant to be passed on to your children. Expressing your heart of love to say you are proud of them will also make them be proud of you. You need to … Continue reading

Don’t Worry, It Is Settled

Are you worried about tomorrow? Are you having one challenge or the other that makes you feel unhappy? No matter the problem or the challenges you are facing right now, I am telling you right now that it is settled. Continue reading

Question Parents Ask: Should I Enforce A Curfew?

Children at the adolescent stage want to have their freedom just like the adults all because they are becoming mature. They want to move at any time without being cautioned. They want to return home the time they feel like getting home. So many parents are experiencing this challenge. Thus, we need to discuss this … Continue reading

Being The Best Father: Dad, Show Your Children You Love Them 

Majority of dads today have no time for their children. I discovered that it’s only the mothers that always have time for children than the fathers. Fathers why now?  There was a time I asked one of my students, “Who do you love more between your dad and mum?” “My mum,” he replied, “because she’s … Continue reading

Your Children Vs Social Media: Which Is More Important?

Some parents spend some much time on social media to the extent that they have no time for their children. Spending more time with your children will help to build a lasting relationship than neglecting them. You can also learn how to allow yourselves into your children’s space in a natural and refined manner. If … Continue reading

The Most Important Skill You Can Teach Your Children

Good decision is a key to a happy life. But good decision making is not a skill some of us are naturally blessed with, while poor decision making is a handicap others are born with. Courage, education, or the ageing process doesn’t automatically produce better decision makers. Spending time with good decision makers is wise, … Continue reading

Parent Line: Motivating Your Children Can Change Their Attitudes

Many children lack the encouragement they need in order to perform better academically. Many of these children lack parental care and the motivation is not there since they are missing it. Let’s take a look at this as a case study: A woman was assisting her little child in doing his assignment. Suddenly she hits … Continue reading

The Words That Will Transform Your Home, Marriage And Relationship

How will you feel when you give your child a gift and as he/she collects it without any appreciation leave your presence? How will you feel when your partner ask you to do something by commanding? Or you are offended and the other party cannot apologize nor to pronounce the word, ‘Sorry’? There are some … Continue reading

Nigerian Blog Awards 2014 Nomination!!!

Hello Everyone, The 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards is here again! Please, Nominate “” under the Best family/parenting category at Remember to confirm the email replied to you for the nominations to count. Thank you all!



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