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From Our Reader: “My Father’s Youngest Wife Who Is Two Years Younger Than Me Is In Love With Me, What Can I Do?” Says A Man Who Need Your Candid Advice.

Here is his story: “My father’s last wife called me two weeks ago to come to her house. I went there immediately with no delay but on getting to her house I met her dressed in a very romantic dress. She told me that she she married my father not because of love but because … Continue reading

Question Of The Day: How Has Your Marriage Or Family Tackled And Survived The Unexpected?

We want to hear from you. Please reply to this question via your comments. Thanks for sharing with us!

If Your Little Kid Ask: “What Is Sex?”

This is another case study on sexual education. Most parents think that there children are still small for this not knowing that these kids know a lot. Failure to educate your child will make him/her to learn it from the wrong source. You might think, “ehm! she’s still small for that” Let me tell you, … Continue reading

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