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Being The Best Father: Dad, Show Your Children You Love Them 

Majority of dads today have no time for their children. I discovered that it’s only the mothers that always have time for children than the fathers. Fathers why now?  There was a time I asked one of my students, “Who do you love more between your dad and mum?” “My mum,” he replied, “because she’s … Continue reading

Question Parents Ask: Should I Enforce A Curfew?

Children at the adolescent stage want to have their freedom just like the adults all because they are becoming mature. They want to move at any time without being cautioned. They want to return home the time they feel like getting home. So many parents are experiencing this challenge. Thus, we need to discuss this … Continue reading

Children And Movies: Tips On How To Help Your Child In Selecting Suitable Movies

There are lots of different movies being produced everytime. Some of these movies are not suitable for children to watch, while some children are so stubborn that they find a means of watching such movies. As a parent, you need to guide your child and help him/her in finding and selecting suitable movie to watch. … Continue reading

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